The Positive Impacts Technology Has Had On Our Children

In today’s world, teenagers cannot remember what the days were like when technology was scarce. Although as parents, we think that this can often be a negative thing, sometimes if we look into it a little harder, it can be much more beneficial. With access to smartphones and apps, we can now do a variety of things with our children, including ordering takeout, investing in stocks, playing educational games, and pinpointing their location in case of an emergency. Before you go ahead and deem technology as a bad thing, download a few new apps that are educationally beneficial to your child and watch the changes that start to take place. Who knows, maybe you will even learn something new along the way.

Ordering Takeout

One of the greatest benefits of owning a smartphone is the fact that many food delivery services now allow you to order from their online app. This means that on Friday night when your workweek ends and your child is out of school until Monday, the two of you can sit down and watch a movie after ordering a pizza. Most pizza delivery companies allow you to pick everything down to the sauce and sides to go along with your pizza which gives you and your children a chance to create a masterpiece.

Investing in Stocks

With today’s modern technology you are presented with a number of ways to connect and learn with your child through smartphone apps. To get your child started in the world of financing and money, you should always give gap down stocks a chance. Not only will you be teaching your child about stocks, but you will also be able to show them what can happen if you put your time into something and invest your money in something that could potentially make you ten times the amount in which you started with.

Fast Learning

Smartphone apps do not only consist of games, but they also consist of educational apps that could potentially boost your child’s knowledge for learning. Before letting them download just any game, try having them download an educational one that will not only be fun but also a learning experience. After time goes by and your child starts using educational apps on a regular basis, you will start to notice a great improvement in their school work compared to how they were doing when they were sitting around the house on their tablet with a role-playing game.


For your convenience as a parent, there are now smartphone apps that allow you to track your child’s location while you are at work or sitting at home. The app will state the address your child is located at or around in case they are out past curfew or there is an emergency that requires your immediate presence. Now when the shoe is on the other foot and your child wants to find you in an emergency situation, all they have to do is log into their app and pinpoint your location through the apps special features.

Technology, like smartphones, Wi-Fi, and tablets are not something that everyone on the planet will remember coming to life. Fortunately for our children, they were born into a world full of new technology. They can experience learning through educational apps, invest in stocks, order dinner after school, and pinpoint their parent’s location in case of an emergency.

They do not remember the days without these devices, but we do. That means that as a parent, we should take the time to appreciate technology and what it can do for our children. They are in a much more sophisticated world than we were in decades ago and they are now given ample opportunity to experience online schooling and an entirely new world of jobs provided by internet use and all types of different devices.

Before you go ahead and say that technology has ruined our children, take the time to realize just how much it has benefited them. Who knows what is on the horizon where technology is concerned. It will be fun to find out.