3 Ways Flexible Packaging Can Help Reduce Shipping Costs

If you produce and ship goods, you are likely aware of how impactful even marginal reductions in shipping costs can be. If you haven’t yet looked at flexible packing, you should explore it as an option. It has quickly become a favorite in liquid, supplement and snack food packaging, and for good reason. Consumers love it and it saves lots of money on shipping. Here are a few reasons why:

1) Less Shipping Space Per Weight

Rigid packaging takes up a lot of unused space. Imagine, for example, packing your product in round, glass jars. There will be substantial space between each jar. Additionally, more conventional packaging types generally have thicker walls without offering any additional protective benefits. Therefore, you can pack many more flexible pouches into the same number of trucks.

With a greater weight of product packaged onto a palette, you can either ship more product and/or reduce your number of shipments easily. That spells good news for your bottom line.

This benefit applies to storage during production as well. Going back to the glass jar example, you can fit around 25 pouches from ePac flexible packaging company in the same space as a single glass jar of equivalent volume. That means you can store packaging at a much lower cost even before using it.

2) Amount of Product Per Package

Flexible packaged can hold an impressive volume of product compared to their weight and shipping size. This is especially true for liquids. It takes around 1.5 pounds of flexible pouches to gold 10 gallons of liquid. Compared to the weight of a 10 gallon or rigid plastic container, that is a big difference.

Even for non-liquid products such as candy pieces, you can fit a large amount of product into a relatively small pouch. Much like the shipping space benefit, this is because flexible packages are very effective at reducing inefficiency.

In other words, you can fit more product in a package and more packages in a truck. Clearly, flexible packaging is the right choice if you want to minimize your shipping expenses.

3) More Durable Packaging

One of the other reasons for high shipping costs is product loss due to packaging damage. Returning again to the glass container example, the jars are brittle and will break if dropped or impacted. This means they either need additional, protective packaging or you will have to absorb the cost of lost product.

Flexible packaging is much more durable and able to absorb impacts. That means that you won’t have packages splitting open in transit. Again, this can save you significant money on shipping as a significantly higher percentage of your product will reach its destination intact.

Imagine flexible, custom supplement packaging. The pouch can take significant abuse without spilling product. However, even a small crack in a rigid package would result in spillage and spoiling.

Get Started

Take advantage of everything flexible packaging has to offer. There are many reasons it is becoming a favorite of businesses and consumers: it is cheaper, easier to use and maintains freshness. Get started today and see what flexible packaging could do for you.