6 Trade Show Design Mistakes that Can Derail Your Marketing Goal

If you’ve attended a trade show event, you’ll agree with us that organizations compete aggressively for attention. That is why organizations do their best to ensure that they attract as many attendees as possible.

One of the ways through which organizations attract attendees is by designing their booths in unique ways. The most popular booths at the event are those that are creatively designed.

Due to increased competition at the trade shows, you need to come up with creative ways to design trade show exhibits so that you can stand out from the rest.

With technological advancements, you can design unique trade show graphics for your exhibition. But, you can also get lost in the technology and miss the point.

Luckily, we are here to help. If you’re looking to find the best trade show booth design for your brand, avoid the following mistakes.

Using Unclear Messages

As a rule of thumb, create a clear and precise message that people can read and interpret even from a distance. This is an important element of an effective trade show exhibit design. Don’t make your message complicated that people cannot understand.

A lot of businesses with great products and services make the mistake of creating a lengthy and complicated copy, making it impossible for people to read it.

If your brand is young, put the name of your brand after the tagline as this will help draw traffic to your booth. When you define clearly what your brand is all about, people who enter your booth will be attendees who are already interested in your products.

Your Booth is Outdated

How is the appearance of your booth? Is it showing its age? Trade shows are a big investment in both money and effort. If you’re going to make an impact at a trade show, you should invest in a booth with a modern design.

Using an old booth will hurt your exhibition. If you’re not ready to invest in a modern booth, you may need to explore other marketing avenues.

You should choose a booth that can be modified for various sizes as this allows you to increase or decrease your trade show footprint while maintaining a good look.

Not Using Quality Graphics

If you want to impress people and attract them to your booth, you must avoid using low-quality graphics. Your graphics are the first thing the attendees see, and so they need to be on the spot. Your trade show display should have high-resolution images and properly formatted visuals.

If you are looking for a less costly way of giving your custom exhibit an instant makeover, use booths that come with interchangeable panels.

You can also hire a professional designer to design materials according to the spec sheet from your supplier before printing.

Renting the Wrong Amount of Space

You must make sure that the amount of exhibit space that you rent matches with your needs. Renting an exhibit space that is too large will make you spend more and might not translate to more traffic.

To determine the amount of space that you need for your exhibit, consider your products, their size, and the way you want each of them to feature. It is also important to find space for machines if you have any.

Also, consider the amount of space things such as chairs, tables, banners, or any other standing elements will need.

There are those who prefer smaller space as opposed to a larger space. Whether you go for a small booth or a large one, the most important thing is to ensure that you’re getting the most out of every square foot.

Neglecting Lighting

While lighting is one of the most important elements when it comes to trade show designs, most participants make the mistake of ignoring it. On top of making your booth more attractive, you should make lighting part of the design of your booth.

Making changes in how you light your booth can have a significant impact on its appearance. The use of LED lights around the edge of graphics can be an excellent way to provide backlighting without affecting the overall presentation.

You can also create an inviting scene by incorporating warm temperature lights or by using cool-temperature lighting.

Not Highlighting Benefits

Unless you’re a renowned brand, don’t assume that people understand who you are and what you are offering. When attendees come to your booth, you only have a few seconds to let them know what benefits they will get from your products or services.

You also have minimal space to display the benefits of engaging with your company, so make good use of it. Attendees are looking at what they stand to gain when they engage with you so be sure to use that limited time to get their attention.