The 6 Best Cities for Millennial Business Owners

Millennial business owners are living at a time where opportunities abound everywhere. However, young entrepreneurs that really want to excel in the world of business, should consider the following 6 cities. These metropolitan areas have good markets, provide lots of support and resources and they offer connections for new operations. We’ll take a closer look at the 6 best cities for millennial business owners.

1. Austin, Texas

The city of Austin might seem a bit cliché for starting up a business, but it is absolutely one of the best locations for new enterprises to thrive. This city has a lot to offer new business owners. Taxes for businesses are among the best in the nation. The legal environment is also favorable for businesses as well. The community of Austin provides great incentives to business operators. Each business also earns more profits. Since Austin is in Texas, this city enjoys access to the state’s generous business loans. Austin is definitely a millennial business owner’s dream come true.

2. Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Portsmouth is not a high-profile city. Still, this city is a place where millennials can thrive. Portsmouth is a seacoast metropolitan area and most of its residents are highly intelligent people with business degrees. A business that operates from this area will have access to a consumer base that is well funded and willing to spend money for a good product or service. The tax rates are among the lowest in the nation and the city lies close to New York City and Boston which provides access to potential consumers. There are plenty of educated people, lots of financial resources and the support network is astounding.

3. Seattle, Washington

One of the best features of Seattle’s business climate has to do with its survival rate. Many businesses that operate from Seattle last longer than average. They typically do not close within the first year. The city offers a lot of stability in terms of growth and it has an extremely strong business sector. Many of the nation’s tech giants are located in the Seattle area. The income and corporate tax rate are non-existent. Ultimately, Seattle has made itself a business viable city by design and entrepreneurs will benefit from this matrix.

4. Salt Lake City, Utah

Millennials are big on technology operations and Salt Lake City understands that fact. This is why they molded the city into a great place for new tech companies. Millennial entrepreneurs that have a great idea for a tech start up should strongly consider this place. This place ranks number 5 in the nation in terms of tech startups. Millennials can take advantage of this city’s tech friendly environment to get their organizations up and going.

5. Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is ranked as the best place in Florida to start a business. Jacksonville is a central hub for the United States in terms of logistics. This city is also a great place because of its population size and its relatively easy entry into the market.

6. San Francisco, California

San Francisco is a premiere city for startups. It was included on this list because the market is tough, and the competition is stiff. However, if a millennial can get a business up and thriving in this area – then they truly deserve to be successful. San Francisco continues to have successful entrepreneurs to emerge from its metropolitan area. While the business climate is not as favorable as many other cities, San Francisco continues to be a top-rated place to start your own business.