Using Technology to Curb the Spread of COVID-19

One of the most dreaded viruses today is the coronavirus. It is an infection that is believed to have originated in China in late 2019 and now has spread to every corner of the globe. Currently, it has been declared a pandemic by the WHO with stringent measures being put in place by every government to curb the spread. Economies have been affected as witnessed by the closure of businesses, halting of projects, and interference with many other activities.

However, things are getting back to normal as airports open, schools reopen, and businesses start to reopen. Technology is playing a major role in curbing the spread of COVID-19, but this depends on how it is applied.

Temperature Screening

Since one of the signs of COVID-19 is a high fever, checking temperatures is now a new normal in entry points to buildings. A thermal gun, which uses infrared and other technology to measure body temperature, is now one of the most used tools. It allows a person’s temperature to be taken while maintaining social distance. People with higher temperatures than normal are required to be isolated and tested for COVID-19.

Contact Tracing

By now, many of us have heard authorities talk about contact tracing when there is an identified coronavirus case. Singapore was the first country to successfully develop an app that monitors how people interact by using Bluetooth technology. When there is a positive case, the app can then alert all people one has interacted with so that they can isolate and get tested. The app is called TraceTogether. This is one of the breakthroughs for curbing the spread of the pandemic.

Temporary Structures

At the peak of the pandemic, health institutions started looking for more space to isolate positive COVID-19 patients. One of the solutions was the use of temporary structures to increase available space. Temporary structure engineers and architects have been working day and night to create these solutions.

Likewise, schools and learning institutions are now required to build more classrooms to ensure a social distance of at least 1.5 meters. They are also using temporary structures to build more classrooms, offices, hallways, and other structures.

Manufacturing a COVID-19 Vaccine

Every country is trying to work on a vaccine that will bring this pandemic to an end. The USA has tasked many health institutions and universities with finding a vaccine very fast. Other countries that are participating include the UK, Germany, China, France, Austria, and India among many others. All of them are optimistic that they will make a breakthrough using all the resources that they have and many more that they create.


COVID-19 is now a pandemic that must be stopped using all possible resources. As you can see, technology is on the frontline to fight it. Everyone is optimistic that a solution will be achieved soon.