How to Start a Business as a Teen

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If there’s one thing that has drastically changed in the past couple of decades, it’s the number of people wanting to start their own business. And that’s totally understandable. Nowadays, you can get the word out there about what you’re passionate about and what you’re great at with a simple Facebook ad. 

And with the low barrier of entry of starting a business today, more and more teenagers are starting their own ventures. Some of them even become millionaires. 

But, you have to wonder, how can a teenager be a successful businessman? Well, the founder of GymShark did it. They’re currently evaluated as a billion-dollar company. Yet, you have to keep in mind that even though one person did it, this doesn’t mean that you’ll manage to do it as well. 

So, let’s go over a few things that can help you start a business as a teen. 

The best thing a teen can do is make a business of what irritates them. 

Yep, if you’re a teenager, just think about how many things irritate you on a daily basis—like, having to mow the lawn on the weekends. This can be a super lucrative opportunity. Like, if you don’t like doing it, why don’t you start making money out of it. And places like, let’s say Atlanta, offer a great opportunity for seasonal services like lawn mowing. Just remember to invest in someone to pick up the calls as your business grows. Like, a simple google for “answering service Atlanta” can return some great opportunities. 

And if gardening isn’t something that you’ve ever had to do in your life, then just brainstorm a few things that you consider chores and don’t exactly enjoy doing. Then, figure out a way to turn this into a business. 

Do your research and make sure you’re allowed to start a business in that niche. 

Before you decide to dive into a business opportunity, you have to make sure that you’re allowed to start a business as a teen in that niche. 

The biggest reason is that gardening may not exactly be your cup of tea. Maybe you’re a world-class developer who’s a bit too good for their age. 

Do your research, if you can afford it, consult with lawyers and the relevant professionals in the field. 

Now is your time to find a way to make money with the power of your creativity. 

While you can feel invincible as a teen, the truth is, you’re still just a kid. And that’s your strength. You can create things powered by creativity that you couldn’t otherwise. 

While grownups may have access to more resources and be better at what they do, they’re often confined by their creativity. 

Be brave, if there’s no better time to fail in business when you’re just starting out!

And finally, don’t forget to be fearless in everything you’re doing. Yes, you will fail, and yes, sometimes you’ll look stupid doing so, but the secret that no one tells you is that now is your time to fail. 

There won’t ever be another time when you can fail with so little repercussions to your life. Even if you fail, you can come back faster than ever, unless you waste millions in funding. 

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