20 Perfect Business Ideas for Nurses in 2024

Nurses have a unique combination of medical expertise, patient care skills, and business acumen. This makes them well-suited to start and run a variety of healthcare and wellness-related businesses.

Whether you want to provide direct care, share your knowledge, or solve healthcare problems – there are many entrepreneurial paths for nurses. Use your talents to make an impact while also earning income.

Here are 20 business ideas to consider:

Direct Patient Care Businesses

1. Home Health Agency

Help seniors, people with disabilities, and patients discharged from hospitals by providing in-home care and assistance. As the aging population grows, demand for these services is skyrocketing. Median pay for home health aides is $25/hour.

You’ll need an RN license, liability insurance, and Medicare/Medicaid certification to get reimbursed. Market through hospitals, doctor referrals, and directly to seniors.

2. Private Duty Nursing

Work one-on-one with patients in their home to provide skilled nursing care, medications, wound care and more. RNs can charge $50-150/hour for private duty nursing depending on the location and needs.

Market your services to hospitals and rehabilitation centers who need discharging support. Be sure to have proper credentials and insurance.

3. Mobile Health Clinic

Use a van or RV to bring basic healthcare services to underserved rural and urban neighborhoods. Provide first aid, immunizations, physicals, and community education. Grants and donations can fund operations.

Partner with hospitals or nonprofits already serving the target area. Promote through churches, schools, and community centers.

Consulting & Advisory Services

4. Legal Nurse Consultant

Use your medical background to provide expertise in medical-related lawsuits and legal cases. Consult with law firms and insurance companies for $50-200/hour.

Get certified through the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants. Market services to local law firms and network at legal conferences.

5. Medical Tourism Consultant

Help patients coordinate and navigate medical trips abroad for procedures like dentistry, cosmetic surgery, fertility treatments, and more. Charge consulting fees or commissions from partner hospitals.

Build partnerships with international hospitals and clinics. Reach patients through online marketing and doctor referrals.

6. Geriatric Care Manager

Assist elderly patients and their families with care coordination, home services, health monitoring, finances, and transitions of care. Charge an hourly rate or monthly retainer.

Get a care manager certification and liability insurance. Market through hospitals, senior centers, and community outreach.

Health Education & Training Businesses

7. Nurse Educator

Share your specialized clinical knowledge by teaching nursing students, newly hired nurses, or patients. Teach through schools, hospitals, or your own private practice.

Get certified as a nurse educator. Start by teaching just a few courses at local schools then expand.

8. Online Courses

Create online courses teaching clinical skills, niche practices, test prep, complementary wellness, or patient self-care. Sell courses through your own website or on platforms like Udemy.

Start with your expertise then expand subjects. Use social media to find students and promote.

9. Nurse Coaching

Provide 1-on-1 coaching to nurses looking to advance their careers or avoid burnout. Expand to coach patients on achieving health goals through lifestyle changes. Charge hourly or package rates.

Get coaching certifications through programs like Health Coach Institute. Start with nurses you already know.

Medical Product Businesses

10. Medical Equipment Supplier

Sourcing and selling medical equipment like scrubs, stethoscopes, and large machinery to hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices. Focus on great prices, service, and fast shipping times.

Use your industry connections to source inventory. Market through healthcare conferences and Facebook ads targeted to healthcare practices.

11. Medical App Developer

Create mobile apps for patients to manage medications, track health metrics, or access records. Or develop apps for healthcare professionals to improve workflows. Charge flat or recurring fees.

Partner with a technical co-founder or outsource development. Launch MVP then get user feedback.

12. Medical Product Reseller

Resell medical products like mobility aids, personal care items, and at-home clinical supplies on sites like Amazon, Ebay, or your ecommerce store. Focus on high margins and volume.

Source bargain inventory from hospital supply liquidations. Run paid ads to reach target consumers.

Writing & Content Businesses

13. Medical Writer

Use your clinical background to write healthcare-related content like medical journal articles, website copy, patient education materials and more. Freelance or work with an agency.

Build a portfolio of writing samples. Reach out to healthcare organizations in need of writers. Join professional associations like American Medical Writers Association.

14. Nurse Blogger

Start a blog sharing your nursing experiences, knowledge, and tips for patients and other nurses. Earn from ads, sponsorships, digital products, and affiliate marketing programs.

Choose a niche like “A Nurse’s Guide to…” and share personal perspectives. Promote on social media using relevant hashtags.

15. Nurse Vlogger

Create a vlog (video blog) to document your nursing career and educate viewers. Post videos to YouTube and promote across social media platforms. Monetize with ads and sponsorships.

Invest in basic video equipment, text to speech converter and editing software. Optimize SEO to rank high in Youtube and Google searches.

16. Nurse Podcaster

Launch a podcast talking about nursing, health, career, and more. Record and publish episodes through platforms like Buzzsprout. Earn through sponsorships, affiliate programs, and listener donations.

Line up co-hosts and guests. Submit your podcast to directories like Apple Podcasts. Analyze metrics to improve.

17. Medical Translator

Provide language translation services for healthcare content like research papers, patient materials, and consent forms. Fluency in multiple languages is required.

Get accredited. Reach out to hospitals, pharma companies, CROs, and med schools to offer services.

18. Medical Scribe

Provide documentation services to physicians during patient visits. Accurately record symptoms, diagnosis, and orders discussed. Get certified as a medical scribe.

Market to clinics and hospitals seeking scribes. Expect competition as this field grows.

19. Medical Coder

Assign diagnostic and procedure codes to physician notes, bills, and charts using coding systems like ICD-10 and CPT. Get certified as a medical coder.

Build experience by starting part-time. Market services to healthcare providers through cold calling, networking, and credentials.

20. Telehealth Consultant

Conduct patient consults over phone, video, or chat. Set own schedule and serve patients anywhere. Get credentialed with telehealth platforms.

Promote services online and through any professional connections. Consider specializing in a niche area.

Final Thoughts

The demand for nurses won’t be slowing anytime soon. Take advantage of the opportunities to start a meaningful healthcare business.

Consider starting part-time while keeping your nursing job for lower risk. Talk to nurses who have already gone the entrepreneurial route. Most importantly, leverage your skills to make a difference in your community and the world.