25 Profitable Winter Business Ideas to Launch in 2024

For entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on seasonal opportunities, winter provides the perfect backdrop for a wide range of lucrative business ventures. From holiday-themed retail to recreational services, cold-weather months offer both demand and potential profits.

With proper planning and preparation, winter-centric businesses can thrive and help owners earn substantial income during the colder seasons. If you’re searching for the next great business idea to pursue this winter, consider these 25 profitable opportunities perfect for launching in 2024.

Retail Businesses

Online Winter Gift Shop

The winter holidays fuel a flurry of gift purchasing, providing the ideal window to launch an ecommerce gift store. Focus your online shop on seasonal gift ideas like personalized ornaments, custom blankets, monogrammed mugs, and other curated presents perfect for the winter months.

You can work with manufacturers or artisans to produce custom products or source pre-made inventory to resell. Promote your website across social platforms and run targeted ads to attract gifters looking for unique winter-themed gifts for loved ones this holiday season.

Handmade Knit Goods

Capitalize on the demand for cozy winter apparel and accessories by selling handmade knit goods. Offer homemade knitted scarves, beanies, mittens, and sweaters. Expand your product line with knit pillows, blankets, and house slippers for the home.

Sell through channels like Etsy, at local craft fairs and holiday markets, or even set up a booth at ski resorts. Price products profitably and promote them across your website and social platforms through high-quality lifestyle images and behind-the-scenes creator videos.

Used Winter Gear Resale

Tap into the thriving secondhand market by reselling gently used winter gear. Source inventory by buying direct from sellers or find discounted products at thrift stores and estate sales. Popular winter gear includes coats, snow pants, boots, gloves, helmets, goggles, and more.

Sell through local consignment shops, winter gear swap meets, or online platforms like eBay, Poshmark, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Price items profitably and market your offerings across relevant listing groups and social platforms where winter sports enthusiasts are active.

Winter Sports Clothing Shop

Fulfill demand for functional, fashionable winter apparel by opening a specialty retail shop focused on cold weather athleticwear. Curate a selection of premium outerwear, base layers, snow gear, accessories from top brands.

Set up a brick and mortar store in a popular winter recreation or tourism area. Offer shoppable inventory online for extended reach. Promote through ski resorts, winter race registrations, school teams, and local ads targeting snow sport enthusiasts in the region.

Food/Beverage Businesses

Seasonal Bakery Shop

Indulge customers’ cravings for fresh baked goods all winter by opening a seasonal bakery shop or pop-up cafe, either brick-and-mortar or online. Specialize in artisan breads, pies, cakes, cookies, and pastries featuring winter flavors like pumpkin, peppermint, gingerbread, eggnog, and more.

Offer specialty holiday treats, custom cakes, and seasonal beverages. Decorate your shop appropriately for the season. Promote through local ads and holiday gift guides. Partner with other local businesses like tree farms or holiday markets to cross-promote.

Ice Rink Concessions

Capitalize on crowds flocking to local ice rinks by operating a seasonal concession stand. Apply for a contract with the rink to run the concessions for a flat rate or percentage of sales.

Offer popular rink favorites like hot chocolate, hot cider, coffee, baked goods, candy, snacks, gloves, and skate accessories. Rent the space, equipment, and furnishings. Staff appropriately on weekends and holidays when crowds peak. Extend service for special winter events at the arena when possible.

Soup Meal Delivery

Warm, comforting soups make the perfect winter meal. Start a soup meal delivery service offering homemade soups delivered weekly or bi-weekly.

Develop your soup recipes focusing on seasonal ingredients like butternut squash, potato, tomato bisque, chicken noodle, beef stew, clam chowder, and more. Offer subscriptions and one-off orders. Partner with meal kit companies for add-on options. Promote through grocery stores, farmers markets, and online food delivery directories.

Recreational/Tourism Businesses

Sleigh Ride Experiences

For a romantic winter experience with serious profit potential, consider starting a sleigh ride business. These memorable rides through snow-covered rural landscapes can command premium pricing, especially around the holidays.

Invest in horses suitable for pulling sleighs, proper equipment, and insure the business. Offer rides through scenic trails or parks booked online or by reservation. Bundle rides with extras like hot cocoa, blankets, or professional photography. Spread awareness through local tourism promotion and winter events like festivals or tree lightings.

Snowmobile Tours

Treat adventurous travelers to an exhilarating snowmobile tour through gorgeous winter scenery. Research and apply for permits to operate snowmobile tours on approved trails, parks or mountain ranges in your area.

Purchase or lease a small fleet of snowmobiles and safety gear. Offer guided group tours tailored to all skill levels. Promote tours through local hotels and snowsport areas. Bundle tours with complementary services like equipment rentals, transportation, or lodging for more profit potential.

Ski Chalet Vacation Rentals

Capitalize on winter enthusiasts planning ski vacations by operating a cozy ski chalet. Lease or purchase a chalet, condo, or large cabin near popular ski resorts and slopes. Provide upscale alpine-inspired furnishings and amenities.

List nightly and weekly rental prices on VRBO, Airbnb, Booking.com and other vacation rental sites. Partner with local hotels and ski shops for bundled vacation packages. Join local lodging associations to market to winter tourists planning ski getaways.

Cabin Rentals

Entice adventurous travelers to stay in your picturesque winter retreat by listing a cabin as a vacation rental. Select a highly desirable winter destination near slopes, trails, or lakes that outdoor enthusiasts flock to.

Ensure your cabin is properly winterized and offers amenities like a fireplace, full kitchen, hot tub, and wifi. Furnish and decorate the space nicely to command top nightly rates. List on sites like Airbnb, VRBO, and Booking.com. Promote through your own website and social channels geared towards winter tourists.

Home and Property Services

Snow Removal Services

From shoveling walkways to plowing driveways, snow removal services see a huge uptick in demand when the flakes start falling. Establish your own residential and commercial snow removal company to take advantage of this cold weather need.

Invest in key equipment like snow blowers, salt and sand spreaders, and plow attachments for your vehicles. Create a snow removal website showcasing your service areas and pricing packages. Promote discounts for customers who sign up for the full winter season. Hiring additional crew members can help scale your operations.

Holiday Lights Installation

With elaborate light displays adorning homes each winter, starting a holiday lights installation service can be extremely lucrative. Offer to install and remove decorative holiday lighting for residential and commercial clients.

Stock lighting supplies like mini lights, wire frames, solar stakes, clips, and more. Market specifically to upscale communities, homeowner associations, and commercial districts. Provide optional add-ons like oversized decor pieces, animated figures, custom designs, and more. Build your holiday lighting clientele well in advance of each season.

Firewood Delivery

For homeowners with wood-burning fireplaces, stocking up on firewood is a winter necessity. Starting a firewood delivery service allows you to fill this seasonal need while earning income.

Source bulk firewood – typically maple, oak or birch – at reduced wholesale prices. Use a truck or trailer to deliver orders of pre-stacked firewood directly to customers’ homes on-demand. Market your services through local ads and flyers. Offer bundle deals and loyalty discounts to increase repeat business.

Chimney Sweeping

Ensure homeowners can safely enjoy cozy fires by starting a chimney sweeping business. Offer chimney maintenance and repairs, woodstove servicing, inspections, cleaning, and more.

Earn a chimney safety certification through a respected program. Invest in industry-approved tools and equipment. Reach clients through referrals from fireplace shops, insurance agents, and real estate agents. Join local industry associations to gain trust and visibility.

Mobile Firepit Rentals

Help businesses enhance their winter ambiance while earning rental income by starting a mobile firepit rental service. Purchase commercial-grade outdoor firepits built to hold up through winter.

Offer weekly or monthly rentals to restaurants, hotels, community centers holding winter events and more. Handle delivery, setup, fuel (propane or wood), and maintenance services for all rentals for added convenience.

Winter Sports Equipment Tuning and Repair

Capitalize on the winter sports rush by offering a ski and snowboard tuning and repair service. Set up shop near slopes and ski resorts. Provide waxing, sharpening, structural repairs, and more for all snow sports equipment.

Advertise at local hills, winter gear shops, and related businesses frequented by skiers and snowboarders. For extra income streams, also sell accessories and offer rental services. Remain open weekends and holidays when demand is highest.

Instruction and Education Businesses

Online Winter Crafting Courses

The popularity of crafting doesn’t fade when winter hits – capitalize on this demand by creating online video craft courses focused on cold weather activities. Offer recorded tutorials on projects like knitting, crochet, quilting, candle-making, or other cozy crafts.

Sell access to your video content through your own website or online learning platforms. Promote your courses through paid ads targeting crafters, DIYers, and hobbyists seeking new winter skills. Add downloadable patterns, supply lists, and extended lessons through membership packages for added income potential.

Snowboarding Lessons

Leverage your snowboarding skills by becoming a certified instructor at a local mountain, resort, or slope. Get the proper credentials from an accredited program like the American Association of Snowboard Instructors.

Teach group or private lessons catered to all ability levels. Set competitive rates for full-day, half-day, or hourly packages. Promote your instruction services at ski resorts, winter recreation stores, community centers, schools, and youth programs.

Business Consulting for Winter-Based Companies

Tap into your business acumen by providing consulting services specifically for companies tied to winter activities and sports. Offer your expertise in areas like operations, marketing, finance, strategic planning, HR, etc.

Focus on working with activity providers, resorts, retailers, and other businesses that operate seasonally or see a surge during the winter months. Help them maximize their revenue opportunities during their peak cold weather seasons through targeted business optimization strategies.

Artisan/Craft Businesses

Ice Sculpture Business

Carve out your niche in the special events industry by starting an ice sculpture business. Leverage your artistic talents to create commissioned ice sculptures for corporate events, weddings, holiday parties and more.

Invest in specialty equipment like chainsaws, chisels, engraving tools, and large refrigeration. Build a portfolio showcasing your custom carved sculptures. Offer personalized sculptures, large centerpieces, carved drink luge, ice bars, etc. Market to event planners, caterers, and directly to clients celebrating winter events or milestones.

Custom Toboggan Business

Put your woodworking skills to use by handcrafting and selling custom toboggans for winter fun. Source quality lumber, hardware, and materials. Offer standard size toboggans or build customized versions in various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs.

Sell directly on your own ecommerce site, on consignment at winter recreation stores, or through custom orders via social media and local ads. Cater to both activity businesses running sledding hills and retail consumers for maximum profitability.

Winter Fruit Floral Arrangements

Explore the art of crafting beautiful floral arrangements featuring winter fruits, evergreens, and plants. Start a floral design business specializing in unique arrangements with seasonal elements like pomegranates, kumquats, creeping fig, frosted pinecones, and more.

Sell arrangements for winter events like galas and weddings. Offer DIY winter floral workshops and subscription boxes. Promote through wedding vendors, event planners, grocery stores, garden supply shops and directly to consumers.

Chain Saw Carving

If you have artistic and power tool skills, try your hand at the niche of chain saw carving to create wood sculptures and decor. Use chainsaws and other woodworking tools to hand carve intricate sculptures out of logs and blocks.

Sell commissioned carvings tailored to customers or make specialty pieces to sell at trade shows, fairs, galleries, and winter festivals. Offer live carving demos and corporate entertainment services using your fascinating skills as well.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

As families travel over the busy winter holidays, pet sitting and dog walking services soar in demand. Launch your own pet care business to take advantage of this need while raking in profits.

Offer services like daily dog walking, pet taxi, overnight pet sitting, pet waste cleanup, litterbox maintenance, etc. Serve residential clients or establish relationships with upscale hotels and resorts that permit pets. Spread the word on popular pet care job boards and neighborhood Facebook groups.

The Possibilities for Winter Business Ideas are Endless!

Winter weather sparks endless entrepreneurial possibilities, so let your passions and skills lead you to the perfect seasonal niche. With proper planning and execution, winter businesses can reap tremendous rewards and provide income year after year.

Just imagine cozying up next to a fireplace you installed or sipping hot cocoa from your bustling concession stand after launching any of these 25 winter business ventures. With some dedication and grit, your profitable winter wonderland awaits!