Top 5 TV Shows That Teach You Finance

As informed investors, we are continually looking for ways to stay updated on the happenings in the market. A lot of us also aim to improve our existing knowledge so that we can invest better.

While there are many ways to do this – you can either opt for a personal financial manager course or gain your knowledge through books and blogs. However, a unique way to do it is through television shows.

TV news shows are the perfect balance between news and education, and they always keep us engaged with real-life examples and unique formats like debates and Q&As.

Here are the top five TV shows that can teach you about finance in an engaging manner –

Mad Money

Hosted by Jim Cramer on CNBC, Mad Money covers everything under the sun when it comes to the various aspects of finance. With his show, Cramer aims to help you have a smooth journey of investing and dealing with money in general.

Even though he doesn’t provide direct buy-sell advice for stocks, he offers meaningful insights into Wall Street and the various industries which control and influence it.

His insights on major industrial events can teach you how to interpret events in the market and make wise investment decisions accordingly.

You can watch his show on CNBC, Mondays to Fridays at 6 pm Eastern Time. You can also check out his latest insights and content on the CNBC site.

Squawk Box

Squawk Box works as a “pre-market” morning news program, which you can watch to keep yourself updated on all the essential news you need to know to begin your day in the stock market.

Whether you are a trader or a long-time investor, this show is one of the best ways to catch up on everything that has happened to the markets while you were sleeping the night before, which can influence your portfolio.

You can watch this show on CNBC, Mondays to Fridays at 6 am Eastern Time. You can also check out its latest content and watch it online on its official website.

On the Money

This show is in the form of an interview and hosted by Becky Quick, who also co-hosts the Squawk Box. In this show, Quick interviews CEOs, entrepreneurs, and investors to provide viewers with expert insights and guidance.

Some of the famous people that Quick has interviewed in On the Money include Warren Buffett, Mary Barra, who became the first female CEO of a major automobile maker, General Motors, and comedian Bill Murray.

This show is hosted on CNBC, and you can click here to check out its timings and latest content.

Bloomberg Surveillance

Hosted at the Bloomberg network, this show focuses on discussing the latest news in finance and economics all over the world.

The show is unique because it calls in experts who focus on influential markets in the world to share insights that can help investors make informed decisions.

The show is hosted in London and New York, and you can watch it on Bloomberg Television, weekdays from 5-7 am Eastern Time. You can also check out their latest content on their official site.

Capital Connection

This show, hosted on the CNBC network, is made to assist traders and investors focusing on the Asian markets.

Hosted by Hadley Gamble and Matthew Taylor, the show brings into focus the major news events from the world, which can influence significant stocks and indices in the Asian markets.

The show is aired in multiple locations due to its specialized content, and you can watch the latest clips from the show and check its broadcast schedule here.

Just like these shows, there are numerous shows on major news networks that focus on providing the best intel to informed investors. These shows are a great way to keep track of the world economies so that you can make the best decisions for your portfolio.