How to Stay Productive While Traveling The World – Tips for Freelancers

Traveling the world and the ability to work from everywhere is the reason most people turn to freelancing. The freedom that this kind of work gives you is one of a kind, and mind blowing. But, to work while traveling the world can turn out to be a tricky business, if don’t know how to do it the right way. Often, staying productive and doing your task fast and concentrated is the hardest part of all. You have to find ways to create your own zone of peace in the chaos. You have to be prepared to work, and focus at any time and place. This might be a beautiful beach, or the airport while waiting for a flight, or elsewhere. And even if it sounds difficult to “turn yourself off” for the rest of the world while working, it can easily be done. You just need the right mindset. Here are some helpful tips for productivity every freelancer can use while traveling the world.

Plan your daily tasks

A good plan is always the first thing to do, if you want to stay productive. Mornings are the best time to do some work. You are fresh, rested and ready to do important stuff. Use them to plan your daily tasks and start doing the most important of them. Get up early, when most of the travelers are still asleep, and start working. This is the most quiet and calm time of the day. Use it well. And stop when you finish all your planned tasks. Don’t try to do something off your daily schedule. Hard work isn’t always the best. But being focused is. If you can do it for 3-4 hours every morning, you’ll have enough time to do your work and enjoy the rest of the day.

Eliminate distractions

Traveling can be really distracting sometimes. People talking near you or to you, children crying, animals walking back and forward and much more. You have to realize that these distracters have power over you for 5 to 10 minutes. This is a mind game you have to learn. So, if you force yourself to stay focused for a while, soon you’ll shut down the world around you and be able to do your own business without distractions.

Choose the right place to work

Working while sunbathing is almost every freelancers dream, but can you work focused and productively if it’s so hot, you can’t even think? Not a chance. So, if you want to do your job, find a place that feels comfortable. You can still sit at the beach, but let it be a beach bar, with a proper shadow that keeps the direct sunlight away from you.

Set up your connection

A good internet connection is what gives a freelancer the freedom to work from everywhere. So if you want to do your job the right way, while traveling the world, you must take care of this. Set up unlimited data plan with your network provider and check up roaming details if traveling abroad. Make sure if there is Wi-Fi at your hotel, or the place that you plan to work. Create a backup plan in case of connection problems.

Stop Multitasking

Multitasking is productivity’s biggest enemy. When you do more than one thing at a time, your brain tries to divide your work ability between all tasks, and the result is: slower work, mistakes and fatigue. So, if you want to stay productive, close all needless tabs, and focus on one thing at a time. By doing this you will finish your daily tasks faster, and with minimum mistakes.

Know when to stop

True productivity is all about knowing yourself. You need to know when is time to work, and when to rest. If you’ve been working for 3-4 hours straight, it’s time to stop. Take a break. Rest. Enjoy the things around you. Know when you need to sleep, stop for lunch or just stare at the window for a few minutes. This will chill your brain, help you recharge and gain your productivity level.

Be more flexible

Traveling is all about change. So, if you want to manage travel and freelancing, you have to be flexible and ready to shift your plans. Delayed flights for example, give you enough time to do your daily tasks, but only if you are well prepared for this.

So, if you are a freelancer, chasing your dream to travel the world while working, you must know, that it isn’t always easy. Things can change every minute and everything around you can become distraction, if you can’t stay focused. But If you use those tips and manage to stay productive during the trip, this can easily become the best time of your life.