Positive v. Negative Thinking

Many individuals believe this is an immaterial world, and the physicality experienced is merely a persistent appearance. For those who subscribe to this type of world understanding, they also believe in the power of positive thinking. Depending on your upbringing, the kind of thought patterns you possess could default to either positive or negative for individual circumstances. Some leaders and entrepreneurs have long passed that believe in the power of positive thinking — Henry Ford uttered a phrase about finding in one’s ability to achieve something. According to Henry Ford, whether you think you can or cannot do something, the likelihood of you being correct is high. If one subscribes to this way of thinking, you might as well believe you are capable of accomplishing the task at hand. Successful entrepreneurs such as Keith Krach generally believe thoughts guide the overall course of one’s life.

Transforming Thoughts into Words

Before your words reach the ears of a recipient, they begin as unstructured thoughts in your mind. One’s vocabulary influences the types of ideas circulating through the brain, but mindset plays a vital role also. If your mind hones in on the negative aspects of life, it is likely that people will view you as an unflattering person to be around. On the contrary, positive thinking tends to create positive words and attracts like-minded people. Despite the prevalence of negativity in the media, it appears as if most individuals prefer positivity in daily life. With this said, correcting negative thought patterns is a conscious process which takes a while to set in. Leaders in the business world, especially, are generally attracted to employees who have a positive outlook for the future.

Transforming Words into Actions

The words that you speak into existence create a landscape for specific actions to take place. With this said, it is wise to remain mindful of spoken words at all times. Should positive thinking be a real phenomenon, your actions may very well depend on the words you say. Returning to positive thinking, people often imagine the types of activities they would like to carry out when brainstorming. Events can be played out in the mind’s eye and restructured as you see fit. When you wish to make your actions become a reality, words allow you to create a chain of events that logically formulate specific actions. If these thoughts and words are positive, it is likely that you will take affirmative action in either your personal life or career.

Transforming Actions into Habits

Repeating the above process over time may result in the creation of positive habits. Consciously working toward creating a positive existence can make this way of life unconscious. Meaning, your thoughts will gradually begin shifting to the positive spectrum, communicating with others will become more fruitful, and your actions may lead to better overall outcomes. Habits are difficult to establish, and this is especially true for positive ones. However, with a diligent attitude and positive mindset, developing positive habits could be attainable in the near future.