Industrial machinery for the ceramic industry is improving production and efficiency

Mass production of ceramics requires specialist equipment that can handle the materials and be reliable and efficient. This is where BI Technology are leading the way in the sector with years of expertise and guidance. Manufacturing their machinery with care and dedication, they are able to provide a service that can be relied on throughout. They pride themselves on the best in customer experience, before during and after the purchase of some of the best machines on the market. 

As specialists in the separation of materials, and materials mixes they are able to offer the very best in industrial machinery across a range of sectors from food production to waste disposal and recycling, and especially in the field of ceramics. With years of knowledge and a highly skilled workforce delivering the best in customer service,  are not just a provider of machinery, they are partners to their clients giving consultancy, advice and guidance on all aspects of separation of mixing of ceramic minerals ready for use in production. Quality machinery leads to quality output of products for your business.


Specialist machinery for the best quality products

In production of ceramics, it is vital that the finer materials are of the highest quality, and consistency, and adaptable to different materials used in the process. The vibrating screens for glazes available from BI Technology are of the highest standard, made from quality materials. Screening is quick and with high frequency vibration with low noise and reasonable price.

There is also a range of mixing tanks specialising in the mixing of liquids at middle or high density and has to pass slowly through rotating blades. This slow mixing is vital to prevent the formation of air bubbles in the glaze that will cause issues later in the production line with quality of the product. The tanks are available in different specifications to suit different needs and size requirements, and this is also the case with the vibrating sieves and pumps. So whatever is needed it is possible.

In addition vertical pumps, iron removers and vibrating screens can be connected to the mixing tanks as required, for when working with different materials and abrasive liquids like ceramic slip or glaze. Each of the products on offer are made from years of experience and customer feedback to the best specifications, and can meet the needs of all ceramic processing and production.

No matter what type of materials need to be separated or mixed there are different machines for each purpose, and the experts on hand to help advise on the best solution.  This includes where there is a need for the finest particles and it is better to add water to the mix for wet screening for super fine sieving or separation.


The highest quality standards are followed throughout production of the machinery

Quality is of the utmost importance in the production of industrial machinery, and this is why every single machine produced is subjected to some of the most thorough and rigorous quality tests in a systematic manner. Only when those tests have been passed is the product considered ready to go to the client for use. This is one of the reasons they are the best in the business, and why there is a good deal of trust between them and the clients.

Due to this approach to quality tests, BI Tecnology hold the required certifications as specified under European law, but in addition have also achieved the additional certifications that goes even further to prove that their products are best of breed in the industry.

These certifications, awarded by independent bodies, is extra proof that there is conformity across the range of machinery produced, and that the standards are met.

All this means that there is a surety of a reliable service, and that the machines are safe for a working environment. The company also holds the  Ex Atex and TUV InterCert SAAR Certificates.


An excellent service from the experts gives peace of mind

One of the great things about having an expert team at your disposal, is that they will truly understand how to adapt their services to meet each different client’s needs and also ensure that the right piece of equipment is deployed for the right purpose.

They pride themselves on delivering an excellent service every single time, with the best experience. This doesn’t end following the sale, post-sale support is also excellent and ensures that installation and getting the machinery up and running is smooth with no start up problems. This is a company that can be a true partner to their clients for all filtering, mixing, screening and separation.


Professional and dedicated approach to business with each client

BI Tecnology previously merged with I.mec, and between the two companies formed a powerhouse of equipment production and innovation in the production of pumps, tanks and stirrers for the ceramic and other industries.

This well established enterprise has the experience of over 30 years in the business, and a 6000 square meter production plant where the products are designed, manufactured and tested in Italy. By maintaining full control of the creation of their products, rather than outsourcing to external overseas providers, they can be certain that their very high standards are maintained.

The strategy and approach to business is to be flexible enough to satisfy the requests of each client, and ensure that stock is available when needed, and that the team is on hand to apply their expertise.

They operate entirely with the vision that quality is key and within the context of meeting the criteria demanded by international markets. They are efficient, solid and also understand the importance of a timely response when help is needed.

With this approach the processing of ceramics will be much simpler, and allow your business to be more productive and able to rely on the machinery fulfilling its purpose, with the peace of mind of knowing the experts are only a phone call away.

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