Importance Of A Strong Online Presence In The COVID-19 Era

The pandemic has been raging on for months with no indications of a complete resolution in the nearest future. Several businesses in every industry have folded due to pressure from failing to adapt to the new ‘normal.’

The businesses that have perhaps been affected the most are small-scale businesses that lack the capital to continue making profit or those that offer services that deal with physical interactions.

It’s not as if the world has been blind to the usefulness of rendering online services before the pandemic. The rave comes from the apparent success of companies –like Amazon– that have capitalized heavily on the benefits of the internet. Customers are still in need of services, even with most of them confined to their immediate safety environments. It’s not too late to join the crew of businesses providing solutions to these needs through their online presence.

Here are some reasons to consider improving your company’s online presence:

  • The eCommerce sector has seen a considerable increase in the buyer adoptions of online CPG shopping. It’s a no-brainer. People are shopping online now more than ever.
  • The leading companies in several industries are innovating smarter solutions to many problems that customers face when shopping online. Especially with the need for safe deliveries that customers can rely on.
  • Several organizations are taking advantage of social media to contribute to the fight against the pandemic effectively. They are providing quality information to keep people safe from the risk of contracting the novel coronavirus. This and many other factors have greatly influenced the marketing authority that social media has developed in the past few months.

So what are the steps you can take to start building a robust online presence? Below we will offer some actionable tips and suggestions.

Don’t neglect social media.

Whatever service you offer, your customers are going to be among the ocean of social media users. It’s a great way to promote services and make announcements to your customers concerning the changes that your business must have undertaken amid the pandemic. It’s essential to maintain regular communication with your clients during this period to ensure effective business continuity.

Keep your website active and fresh.

It’s time to make quality improvements on your corporate website and develop inbound assets such as a blog or eCommerce page. NJ Bizmap LLC suggests to include interesting descriptions for your products that better-suite the needs of customers in this Covid-19 era.

Use Search engine optimization techniques to enhance visibility.

Several companies have experienced a spike in their online visibility by applying proven SEO techniques to carry out digital marketing. The best way to do this is by earning your customers’ loyalty through regularly published content relevant to them. The top search engines have been recently improved to rank websites with relatable organic content.

Online ad campaigns are still compelling.

Online advertisement campaigns can seem scary to companies that are yet to reap from their numerous benefits. While word of mouth method of raising awareness of a new service or product is advised, online ad campaigns provide even more visibility with less effort involved. Some corporations are currently experiencing increased conversion rates from strategic ad campaigns

Stability is important.

With the increased frequency of happenings that change the meaning of ‘normal,’ customers are looking for companies that can provide long-term oriented packages for better security. It would be in your company’s best interest to capitalize on this and market your services to give people a sense of stability.

Improve your delivery platforms.

It’s essential to take note that your chosen platform for service or product delivery should be innovative, especially if your company offers services that involve physical interactions. For better safety, you can provide do-it-yourself products and accompanying tutorials to maintain social distancing rules.


While you may not be able to move your entire operation online, it’s also highly recommended that you consider it. Due to the fact that workers have to function from home in many industries, online presence has even gathered more relevance in today’s world. If your company is already active on social media, you can utilize the above-listed tips to enhance your online media presence and grow your business visibility even in the pandemic.