Ideas for improving your workplace productivity

Most people are aware there can be a world of difference between the time we spend at a task and how that transfers into our actual productivity.

While it can be easy to think we were productive because we spent hours on a project, in truth, the complete opposite can be true. Very often, excessive hours spent on a job translates into time wasted, pondering too long over problems or agonizing about decisions.

However, by employing just a few simple tricks, you could improve your workplace productivity – and the quality of work you output.

A stitch in time saves nine – the benefits of forward planning

It should go without saying, planning ahead and thinking proactively is always a better policy than being caught with having to react to unexpected situations. One of the best ways to improve your efficiency at work is to plan as much of your day as possible in advance – so you can maximize each moment without getting bogged down in details.

Try putting together a list of the important tasks you need to achieve each day, then reward yourself when you attain your goals. You’ll end up reaching a far healthier work/life balance while also improving your overall well-being and sense of contentedness at your work.

Take advantage of workplace apps and software

Technology is moving at a fast pace, and with an increasing blurring between the real world and the virtual, computers are starting to have a real impact on our productivity and efficiency. Integrating your work schedule into software products means you can easily keep track of important events, emails or messaging conversations in just one easy-to-use app. Examples include Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, which each offer a single, go-to solution for your entire work life. Workplace apps help free up your time while also improving your general work output and collaborative working.

Check online web sites and services to make your life easier

The world has never been more connected than it is today, and there is now a vast range of websites available that can help streamline your life and make everyday personal and business tasks a breeze. These days it’s possible to book everything from flight tickets to your next business meal through web services and apps, making previously mundane and time-consuming tasks much easier. Almost everything is bookable online these days – even less obvious, more obscure services.

Perfection is great – but not always 100% required

There’s a tremendous tendency among start-up entrepreneurs to strive for perfection in every project, often resulting in a huge wastage of man-hours. The truth is, just as with most areas of life, true perfection is an illusion – put simply, it doesn’t exist. You could work forever at a job and still likely find faults or areas that could be improved. From a financial and productivity perspective, it’s far better to do your best then move on to the next job. Nothing is set in stone and you could always return to that troublesome project later if it needs further attention.