How to have fun while increasing office productivity

No one likes the idea of having a job in an office that you dread going to each day. That’s why many new businesses run by younger bosses want to emphasise creating a workplace environment that is fun and enjoyable.

Of course, it’s a delicate balancing act because ultimately there is work to be done and targets that have to be met, so the trick is to find a way to enable workers to be happy and productive at the same time.

As well as the positive results to be had from taking this approach, there are also some common pitfalls to be aware of when it comes to creating a positive and profitable office.


In days gone by, it would have been impossible to imagine an office that provided games for workers to play. Today, pool tables and gaming consoles are often seen in spaces aimed at giving office employees a way to relax and take some time out.

Some businesses take things further by arranging out of hours team-building exercises that offer a more competitive edge and physical demands. It’s all a far cry from the stuffy formal atmospheres that used to be favored by bosses, and one that is proven to increase productivity as well as helping ensure staff retention.


A fridge full of cold drinks and snacks along with the occasional bottle of beer or champagne for celebrating a job well done or the acquisition of a new client might not sound like a great idea if you’re looking to get your workforce to hit targets, but treating people like responsible adults helps build trust and respect.

You’re very unlikely to have employees who would abuse these types of perks and get drunk in the office, as your careful selection process will have weeded them out before they could get a foot in the door.

Unfortunately, though, substance abuse in the workplace is a different matter and something that every employer should be aware of in order to make preparations to tackle this head-on. High-pressure offices have always been open to the problem, and individuals who may have dependency issues can be good at hiding their own difficulties. That’s why drug testing laboratory services offer discreet and highly effective programs which can help you identify problems allowing you to deal with them quickly before they damage your business.


In an environment where people sitting only metres away from each other might be communicating through email or text, it can be hard to build a successful group dynamic. That is even harder when social distancing measures dealing with the coronavirus pandemic have to be taken into account.

Although face-to-face communication might be undergoing changes to take into account a new normal’ set of rules, it’s always more fun to be able to connect with fellow workers in an office in a more personal way. Not only does it build trust and team spirit; it can also have significant positive effects on productivity.