Green Businesses Fit For Teens

Are you looking for smart, ethical, and viable businesses you can develop as a side hustle? Then look no further- we have     excellent ideas that you can get off-the-ground and running for very little startup capital as a teen. Which one fits your style?

Garden Planning and Composting

Getting your first set of wheels is exceptionally exciting, but it’s also one of the steepest costs you face as a teen. Even if your parents or guardians are helping out with the insurance, how can you put that car to work for you, instead of you working for it?

Many people are looking to establish edible gardens, or at least gardens that are less reliant on watering and which foster healthy natural diversity. Plus, not every working adult has the time in their day to collect things from the garden center or drop them off where they’re needed. Why not look at filling this gap in your local market?

Curbside Delivery

While apps like Uber Eats are great to get your fast food in a hurry, not all small and niche businesses are willing or able to sign up with them. Why not help the people in your neighborhood get the groceries they need for less? You can even focus on collecting organic and farm-fresh produce from your local farm or market and dropping them off for those who need the weekly help.

Green Electronics

Electronic waste has become a major issue around the globe. While some people make smart use of device trade-ins to get a little extra money back towards an upgrade, many people have cupboards full of old electronics that are just wasting away. Electronic recyclers like Gizmogo will give a littlecash back for old laptops, smartphones, consoles, and tablets, so why not help green up your area- and make some sweet cash on the side- by offering to handle the collection and drop-off? You make their lives simpler, and help keep the planet healthier too!

Giving Bicycle Tours

If you have a deep knowledge of your area, and there’s some exciting sights to explore, why not start your own bicycle tour business? Not only does it help people get healthy exercise, but they can learn more about the town you live in and see the sights in comfort. Do remember that some states need tour guides to be certified, however, so look into this one carefully and always stay safe and legal.

Upcycle Furniture

You can pick up many old pieces of furniture for nearly nothing- or even free- on sites like Craigslist. They may only need a coat of paint, a refreshed style, or a few fixes to be like new again, and then you can ‘flip’ them for some fun money to spend on yourself.

Etsy and Similar Sites

If you have skills to leverage, be it a knack with the sewing machine, embroidery, knitting, crocheting, or fantastic art skills, then selling your wares through sites like Etsy can be a nice way to hit the ground running with your own business. Put a sustainable twist on this old staple by seeking out recycled fabrics or yarns, or reinventing thrift store pieces for a cool and modern look. You break the fast fashion cycle and get money in your pocket, so it’s a win-win!


Coding and green industries can go hand in hand more easily than many think. If you’re already working towards IT certifications or a coding profession, you can offer your services to help build local, sustainable apps to assist with things like local recycling sites, or work with local non-profits to boost their profile. You can even look at helping to make the Open Source world a safer place through ethical hacking and ‘bug bounty’ schemes that close backdoor security risks in open source code. Not only are you building a portfolio towards your future career, but you’re gaining valuable experience and giving back, too.

There’s plenty of ways for teens with a conscience to work towards a brighter future for themselves and the planet in one. Sustainable business is set to be a boom point in the next decade, so it’s good to get ahead of the pack. If you’re looking to get down to business in a green, sustainable way, why not try one of these great business ideas out today?