Is File Transfer Software Fast and Secure Enough for Your Business? What to Look For

If you run or manage a business, you know how important it to is safely and securely exchange critical business data and sensitive files. It’s far more complicated than simply sending something in an email or throwing it on a thumb drive – the files you must share are sensitive, privileged information, and you need to make sure you’re transferring them in a way that’s not just incredibly safe, but also reliable. Luckily, there are services and companies out there that specialize in these types of programs and software. MOVEit from ipswitch is one such software. But, how can you be sure it’s time for your business to switch over to a file transfer software that’s fast and secure? Here are a few things to look for when considering the jump to this service:

Easy Transfer, Automation and Secure Gateway

When looking for a file transfer software, it’s important to first understand what file transfer and file transfer software is. Then, look for an interface that’s easy to use, secure, and reliable. Your transfer service should be well-equipped with systems that ensure delivery to intended recipients with an automatic and documented audit trail. Additionally, your file transfer software should have a usable interface that easily develops tasks into workflows without any knowledge or training on advanced programming skills from your team. It should, most importantly, keep sensitive data confidential and require authentication for access behind the firewall.

Flexible Deployment Options & Automated Fail over

It’s important to include other requirements in your file transfer software, too. A key feature that you should look out for when picking software is deployment flexibility, meaning a tool that allows you to meet your exact needs without sacrificing. Essentially, make sure you can customize your file transfer software service. Look for a software that will look at your budget, needs, resource constraints, and scalability before committing to a software. Additionally, ensure that you pick a software that has verified and reliable failover. A reliable failover should have options that allow you to safeguard against data loss, transfer files to a recovery site within moments of a disaster situation and automate file transfer operations.

Compliance Analysis and Reporting

But it’s not just about the actual file transfer – when considering a software, you should take into account its reliability with reporting, too. Look for a software that simplifies audits, making it easy with out-of-the-box templates for SLA, governance, and regulatory audits. Additionally, check into a software that has data consolidation and automated reporting. Automate report creation and distribution will aid in SLA and policy compliance and having a software that helps you to customize reports, establish distribution lists, and schedule auto-generated reports for delivery can benefit your business big time. These consolidated reports can also help you understand your exposure to unsecured email file sharing. With software that take that into account, you can govern your need to maintain compliance with data protection regulations.