Do these three things to change your business for the better

When we start a business, there is generally a big rush of activity, but over time this can settle and things seem to plateau out for a while. It is at this time you need to have a look at your business in some detail and make a few valuable changes for the better.

These changes may be small or they may be significant, but the impact on your business should be positive, and results should be easy to see almost immediately.

Get on top of your social media profile

Get on top of your social media profile or get one started if it is something your company does not currently have. Having a social media profile is so important in today’s business world, as it helps keep your customers and potential customers in contact with your company. 

This builds customer relationships as well as being a way of getting your products, services, or branding in front of the public, which can generate good quality traffic back to your website to be converted into orders.

Obviously, you do have to post or blog regularly on your social media profile as well as your website to keep your information current and relevant. This will help with your Google rankings and make it easier for any of your potential customers to find you should they not come directly from your social media link.

If you feel that you do not have the time to keep posting or blogging on your social media profile, you can hire a professional to do this for you. Alternatively, you could get yourself a Hootsuite account whereby you can do all your posts or blogs at once when you have time and schedule their release days and times to suit you.

Investing in your employees

As your employees who will be doing the manual work or speaking directly to customers and suppliers, it is a good idea to invest in them, their knowledge and get them well trained in their roles.

There are a few ways you can go about training your employees. You can invest in having an in-house trainer (which could be expensive unless you have an awful lot of employees to train and keep up to date) or use the more cost-effective options of outsourcing your training program to a training company or use an online learning platform

However you go about training your employees, make sure to give them a reward such as a certificate to say that they have passed to keep morale high as well as their self-worth.

Improving your customer relationships

You can improve your customer experience amazingly easily and by doing so also improve your customer relationships. When you use your social media profile, be sure to add a few bonuses or discounts every now and then.

Ask for customer feedback on their experience with your company and act on any negative points to keep improving. Where possible, have a human answering incoming telephone calls, rather than leaving it to a machine to answer, not many people like talking to machines, and you may find that by doing this, you increase your order book too. This may seem difficult, but there are companies that offer a professional telephone answering service.