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11 Proven Ways to Make Money in College

how to make money in college

College is an exciting time filled with new experiences, relationships, and challenges. Unfortunately, it can also be a financial struggle. Studies show over 80% of college students take on debt and graduate with an average of $30,000 in student loans.…

10 Simple Ways to Stop Spending Money

How to Stop Spending Money

Impulse spending is rampant in America, according to a 2022 survey conducted by Statista, consumers in the United States spent an average of over $300 on impulse purchases each month. Our brains are wired to get a dopamine rush from…

How to Make Money as a Teenager

how to make money online as a teen

Earning your own money as a teenager can provide you with newfound independence and freedom. However, when you’re juggling school, activities, and a social life, finding time for a job can seem daunting. Luckily, there are many creative ways to…