How To Become An Online Influencer

The average teenager spends 9 hours of his or her day consuming media, like online youtube videos or social media content. Why not turn that time into money? Online influencers represent brands positively through videos, blog posts, social content and more in order to spread awareness and boost sales.

If you’re interested in going into business as a teenage social media influencer, and making money at it, take a look at these five tips for success.

Join Influencer Networks

Social influencing is a big business and an entire niche of marketing is now dedicated to it. The best way to make your influencer intent known to the world is to join influencer networks that connect brands and ambassadors/influencers. Some have a minimum age limit of 18, while others set up safe places for teens. The great thing about using a network is that you won’t need to share personal information with the client – assignments, communication and payment are usually handled through the network.

Create a YouTube channel

More people are turning to YouTube for content than ever before. Statista reports that 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute and nearly 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. Create a YouTube channel (set up your privacy settings to stay safe – here are some more tips on that) and then upload your latest content. You can create how-to videos, ramblings about life, or cash in on the “unboxing” toy trend in online videos. Build up your subscriber base and clicks and you will be more attractive to brands who want an influencer with engaged fans.

Get Social

Whether Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok or Snapchat is your social platform of choice, it’s important to set up accounts and consistently update them. If you know you want to be an influencer, post professionally – even when you are just talking about your own personal life. It’s okay to show some personality, but stay away from negativity directed towards other people, political rants, and profanity if you truly want brands to trust your judgment.

Pick a Specialty

People will better identify with you if they have a feel for who you really are. If you pick influencer opportunities from too many broad areas, you won’t have much success in the long run. Be picky about the projects you choose and build up an audience of like minded people who will be interested in the things you like anyway.

Be Authentic

Don’t agree to talk about products you’ve never used or companies you know nothing about. Part of the power of online influencers is authenticity. Consumers like to see other everyday people using products and services before they decide to use them too. If you are assigned influencer content for something you’ve never actually used, ask for a product to review first. When you are honest about your experiences, others will trust your influence more.

The world of online influencing is exploding. Get in on the fun, and profits, by setting yourself up for influencer success.

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