6 Tips for Creating the Best Logo for Your New Business

Are you planning to open a new  business? If yes, there are different things you can do to enhance success of your startup. One of the greatest ways is to design a unique logo.

You should create a logo that appeals to your target audience and make them feel connected to your new business. Therefore, you should think of the logo as a form of  profile that you use in social media platforms. It is your real world gravatar.

Studies show that your logo and branding will be amongst the the greatest factor that will determine if people become interested and in your business. So, you have to make sure that the designing of your logo is done correctly.

Recently while getting a new logo designed for my startup at 99designs I learned how to these six tips that you should follow.

Understand your business

The most important thing to enhance success in logo designing is understanding your brand. You should be specific on who are your business targets; men, women, teenagers, seniors, or mothers? It is your business prospects who really determine the way you create a logo.

Don’t make the mistake that some entrepreneurs do of designing a logo that they like, but does not “speak” to their target customer. The purpose of your company logo is to attract customers, not make you happy.

To come up with a great design, you should understand what your customers care about. This helps you come up with a logo that meets their specific needs. It should have a purpose and meaning, so that people can understand your brand quickly. The most important thing here is to make sure that the logo you make helps people understand what your business stands for.

Demonstrate uniqueness and originality

Your new business should stand out among the others in your niche. To make a unique logo, you should carry out market research to view your competitors’ logos. It is by doing this you will be able to create a logo that has a competitive edge.

Get ahead of your competition by studying their brand and making your better by demonstrating uniqueness and originality in your logo. Your new customers will view you as an authority in your marketplace, thus they develop positive attitudes towards your brand.

Apply the appropriate colors

It is the colors used in your logo that determine how visible it is. This is why you should use colors that enhance the visibility of your logo. In addition, apply colors that depict your company personality.

Note that every color has a distinct implication, so make sure you do not convey the wrong message to your targets by using the wrong colors. It is recommendable to use a few colors to avoid making your logo look confusing.

Another important thing is to take into consideration the market you are oriented towards. This is because perception of colors differs according to people from different cultures. Do prior research to understand the perception people in your target audience have on different colors.

Observe simplicity and flexibility

A perfect logo is one that people understand fast, like the red circle bullseye for Target stores. It was originally copied from an archery game and was to communicate that shoppers could come to this one store and buy all the items the needed at one place.

This is why you need to create a simple logo that your customers will not waste time trying to analyze what it entails. Make it simple for people with different level of understanding to conceptualize its message fast and remember it.

Your logo should be flexible too. This is more important in modern times, whereby you market your business in different offline and online platforms. It should be suitable to be used in different apps, icons, social media sites plus for store signs and truck lettering.

Flexibility is necessary because it ensures that your logo can be viewed by all your prospects regardless of where they are or devices they use.

As you create your startup logo, you should think of the future. This ensures that you do not create a logo that will be irrelevant in the coming years. Your logo should also be of value to your business even in the next 20 years. Major brands logos have not changed over decades, they have only been slightly altered to work with current visual styles.

With time, you can do some modifications, but ensure that the main concept of the logo does not change. This is necessary so that your customers can still recognize your business by your logo. The most important thing here is to make sure that your business is recognizable even in the next thirty years through this logo.

Leverage online tools and tutorials

In the modern times, it is easier to come up with a perfect logo, owing to the ample online resources and tools. You can use them to gain more knowledge and help during the designing process. When I needed a logo for my business I used the crowdsourcing website 99designs, and here are 55+ other logo design options – many of them free!

Bottom line

Your startup logo will be the face of your business. The way you design will determine if your customers get attracted to your brand or not.

Take time as you research different designs, so that you come up with unique ideas that will make you develop the perfect logo that stands out among others.