5 Modern Business Services For Growing Your Business

As you get going with your new business, you will no doubt hit some roadblocks. Startups aren’t easy – if they were, everyone would have one. There is a lot of work that, if done in a smart way, can set you off in the right direction instantly. From online accounting apps to virtual offices, the options for new and growing businesses are endless.

If you are looking to improve your business’ prospects, you need to have the best online support and services available. Manilla is a growing hub for business, and you need to be on point. Here are some exciting business services available to help your business keep growing stronger.

Password Security & Storage

Ensuring that you are protected online is crucial. There are malicious groups out there who prey on sites and businesses that have weak password protection. If you are still using ‘admin1’ as a password (which is the case for some businesses) you need to adjust your thinking. Large and complicated passwords are essential to keeping your information safe.

There are programs available that can store your password securely and help you easily recall it when necessary. You can store multiple passwords in programs like this. 1Password is a program designed to store your passwords in an online vault, where it is encrypted and accessed only by your master password.

Cloud-Based Storage

Your employees – no matter where they might be located – need the freedom to share, edit, and collaborate on projects in real time in order to produce quality work. Because of this, you need to ensure that you have the services in place for them to do so. Cloud-based storage allows for this to happen.

Box and Dropbox are two of the leading companies that offer cloud-based storage. Box works a lot more fluidly for IT departments while Dropbox can be used by anyone to varying degrees of success. If your business requires a high level of security and technicality, Box is for you. If you are a standard business, Dropbox will work wonderfully. Either way, your cloud-based storage issues will be solved.


Growing businesses need adequate communicative support if they are going to succeed. With a proper line of communication, your team will know exactly what they need to do at any given time during a project.

Slack provides an excellent platform for your team to work on. Slack brings all of your communication lines together in one neat and tidy virtual area. You can use it on mobile or desktop. It reduces your email traffic significantly by weeding out unnecessary emails. It allows for a more relaxed form of communication between team members while archiving all of your messages in a more refined way.

Project Management Tools

As a manager of a thriving business, you are tasked with keeping your growing staff on task. These employees may not all be in Manilla either, so your job becomes that much more important.

With project management tools like Asana, Podio, and the aforementioned Slack, you can keep a close eye on the important tasks in your team’s hands. With Asana, for example, you’re able to set up projects how you want them to be set up. Asana gives you some predefined ways to track work, but you are able to adjust it how you see fit as well.

Buffer for Social Media

Social media is more important than ever for businesses. It’s impossible to get your business to grow without at least some social media engagement. Buffer allows you to manage and curate content within your networks. It allows you to schedule future updates, queue updates, and generally manage the discovery of great content for your customers.

Business Services Can Help You Grow

Whatever your business needs may be, growth is always the end-all-be-all of business. By instituting a set of well-managed and modern services into your current business scheme, you can reap major rewards. Staying current will help you continue succeeding in your field, so be sure to keep on top of technological trends if you want to continue to grow.