Wix Answers: The Go-to First Class Customer Service Software That Is 100% Free

In this day and age, every business that wants to be competitive requires a first-class help desk software in order to provide top-notch support to current and potential clients. It has been proven time and time again that providing great customer support service builds customer loyalty, thus bringing in more business.

What Help Desk Software Is the Best Option?

There are a lot of help desk platforms available on the market, which can easily cause confusion to arise when the time comes to decide which option is the best. While there are more than a few solutions out there, not all of them are equally reliable and easy to navigate. The Wix Answers help desk software was initially created by Wix.com to use internally, which helped support over 120 million users in 13 different languages. Having been built as a solution to their own real needs, Wix Answers can support teams and businesses of all sizes. Since Wix.com made their customer support software available for everyone, well-known companies are utilizing it on a daily basis to have prompt and effective communication with clients from all walks of life. The positive reviews keep pouring in every day, and it does not seem this is going to come to a halt anytime soon.

100% Free to Utilize

Wix Answers can best be described as a free customer service platform that is very easy to utilize. It comes equipt with every tool needed to support customers. It is fast and easy to set up and completely free to utilize.

Innovative & Helpful Features

This innovative software was created in order to support customers in a simple yet effective way. It is a highly-customizable and aesthetically pleasing platform that makes everything easy. Wix Answers is a one-stop solution that goes beyond its streamlined function. Its strength lies in its outstanding insights, simplicity, and cross-departmental functionality. It is user-friendly, smart, and efficient.

All the online communication a business has with its customers can be tracked, monitored and found in the platform. It comes with several features, including a multi-channel ticketing system, user-friendly knowledge base and built-in call center. In the past, it may have been that only companies with big budgets could afford to invest in providing phone support for their clients, but fortunately, this is no longer the case. Any company, no matter its size, can now provide phone support with the aid of Wix Answers. One can easily make and take calls from a personalized 1-800 number, allowing customers to request a callback. This permits companies to be more available and flexible when supporting their customers.

In contrast to most competitors, support tickets coming in from several channels can be easily tracked, managed, and prioritized, all in one place. Wix Answers also allows companies to embed a help widget into their website to allow clients to access tutorials, articles, or create support tickets from anywhere on the site. With customizable features and full control, Wix Answers allows businesses to be in the driver seat at all times.

Easy to Get Wix Answers Up and Running

It only takes a few minutes to set up Wix Answers. To get the knowledge base up and running, the first step is to choose a template that goes hand-in-hand with the company’s branding, integrate articles, and simply click on ‘publish.’ From there, one is able to easily create and manage step-by-step guides, FAQs, and informational articles. Wix Answers provides businesses with the ability to create and manage articles, no matter how much content they may have. This platform was created with everybody in mind; therefore, no technical experience required.

Boosts Better Business Decisions

Straight from the help desk software, companies are able to check on their support team’s performance, customer satisfaction ratings, and ticket response times. The knowledge base, ticketing system and call center function seamlessly together, providing insights on support, customers, and products. This can certainly boost better business decisions in the long run.

Signing Up

The steps to signing up are easy and fast: enter a name, email address, and then create a password. After conducting these steps, it is time to enter the business name, primary language, and create a Wix Answers URL. It’s that simple!

Take Advantage of the Wix Answers’ Platform

The Wix Answers help desk software is reliable, easy to navigate, fast to set up and completely free. Unlike most competitors, it provides an all-in-one solution, allowing businesses to monitor, prioritize and analyze their team and product at any time.

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