Wix ADI New Features and Why it is Important for Small Business Owners

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a new name for almost all tech enthusiasts out there. Either it is from Elon Musk’s Tesla or Google’s self-learning DeepMind, AI is booming in various technology fields. Here we are going to talk about an Artificial Design Intelligence system that allows you to create a unique website automatically, in a few minutes, just by answering a few simple questions – Wix ADI. Wix is a drag-and-drop website building platform that gives millions of users around the world the ability to build simple and beautiful websites in various business fields, without any programming knowledge needed. Wix ADI is a feature from Wix that is aimed to make website creation even easier for complete novices. Many thanks goes to Wix which is proving itself the best resource for small business holders from starting their business online to making it to the successful presence in web. There was a time when the web-world was so limited to only certain people who had the specific knowledge in it but now the time has been changed and a large number of people from diverse interest and background are entering here. If you are one of them, definitely Wix, a free website builder, is what you should know about.

What is Wix ADI?

Wix ADI is an artificial intelligence system which helps to create stunning websites in a few minutes. The Wix ADI AI algorithm is capable of generating a unique website from billions of combination and possibilities. As AI system is self-building, it can gather the design information which are exclusive to the niche market, hence, the user is able to create a high-quality website with all the features without writing even a single line of code. After Wix ADI creates the site for the user, he or she can then customize the site even further very easily, using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Why Wix Is Important for Small Businesses?

Let’s jump to the points why Wix has made itself to TeensMeanBusiness and how it is worthwhile for small businesses.

No burden of hiring designers

With the features of Wix, you do not need the slightest amount of coding knowledge to design websites. Hence, the need of a designer is completely omitted here and the money you spend for the designer is totally in your pocket. It is not just the money you save but also the time it takes for building and regular maintenance of your website.

Easy to operate

The easy operation of Wix is the main feature that has attracted users all over the world. Firstly, there are already more than 500 ready-to-use website templates for almost all the niche markets you can imagine, such as photography, design, restaurants, hospitality, music, online shopping and other common small businesses. So you don’t have to worry about which design is best for you. First you need to consider your niche market and select a template that is best for your business. You will instantly get many beautiful and free website templates specifically designed to meet you niche market demands, and all you need to do is choose. Secondly, you can change the design with drag-and-drop features and place contents and photos wherever you like. It’s the key feature of Wix that it is made keeping end users in mind.

Tools and support

Wix has many tools that help small businesses create a complete brand image. There is Wix App Market where you can browse, discover and add amazing apps to grow your Wix website for free. It also has Wix Support Center and knowledge base where you can get support from fellow users’ questions, submit your own questions, and get answers from support experts from Wix. Not only for designing websites, Wix provides support for creating an excellent online presence through tools such as Wix SEO Wiz. There are around 300 apps in Wix which are valuable to web designers.

Professional and High Quality website

There has been many technical practice and realizations in the web design field that professional, high quality, converting and result-driven web design should contain many essential features, otherwise it’s just a page without purpose. There are certain things on which small businesses can not compromise for its purpose and the features available in Wix have complete cover over these fields. The designs available on Wix are responsive and mobile friendly. There are many Wix apps like email signups, popups, live chat, social media streams, online events etc for result driven design with well-placed items for visually appealing outlook.

It’s no wonder that with the increasing number of small business and startups, the web-world has become demanding and competitive. Almost all the business we see today have their online presence through a website, email and social media, the top three online marketing tools for small business. As designing a professional, high-quality and result driven website costs high in terms of time and money, the platform provided by Wix is truly remarkable.

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