What Should You Check Before Buying Perth Mint’s Coins for Your Portfolio?

When it comes to investing in the right precious metals for your portfolio, you want quality products. The Perth Mint has been producing high-quality coins for a long time, but how do you know if their product is the real deal or not? Here are some things to look out for when buying Perth Mint’s coins from a reliable platform. 

Look for the Mint Marks

The first thing to check for is the Mint’s mark. Coins from other mints may be close replicas, but they will never have that little “P” on them. This marking belongs only to those who completed the rigorous qualification process and became part of this elite group. Since only 999 people can hold this prestigious title at any given time, there aren’t too many competitors for business anytime soon either.

Check the Weight and Purity

You can also tell if a coin is authentic by its weight and purity. If it doesn’t have these markings, it’s not a part of the Mint’s prestigious collection.

It has been said that the Perth Mint only uses the best metals to make their coins. For example, they don’t use iron or steel cores for their gold products as most manufacturers do. Instead, they opt for 99% pure gold! This enhances their already impressive product line and makes them stand out from other competitors.

Types of Coins Available

The following is a list of all coins produced by Australia’s official mints:

  • The Royal Australian Mint 1 oz. Silver Bullion Coin – Kookaburra (First released in 1990)
  • 1 oz. Silver Proof Coin – Wedge-Tailed Eagle (First released in 2011)
  • Australian Platinum Koala 1/4 oz .9999 Gold Coin   (First released in 1993)
  • Australian Platinum Platypus 1/2 oz .9999 Gold Coin   (First released in 1993)
  • Australian Kangaroo 1 oz .9999 Gold Coin    (First released in 1987)
  • Australian Kookaburra 1 oz .999 Silver Coin      (Released since 1990, updated reverse design 2003)

Should You Choose Perth Mint or the Royal Australian Mint?

Many of you might be wondering what happened to the original Australian Mint? Up until 2000, this organisation had first dibs on making coinage for Australia. However, to sustain the rising demand, they decided to outsource some of their work. This included engraving and production.

They can still use this facility if they so wish, but in most cases, they will send their orders to the Perth Mint for processing. The Royal Australian Mint has independent coinage and stamps. 

When buying quality precious metals, you can’t go wrong with either one of these mints. Just remember that every purchase should only be made after proper research into each company.


When you buy bullion, make sure that the mint is reputable and has a great track record. Perth Mint’s coins are some of the best out there. With these coins, your investments will increase in value over time. 

Not only that, but they have incredibly high-quality products, which means that their products will stand out from the rest. Make sure to check again for more updates on other well-known precious metal brands so you can choose diligently when it comes to investing in quality metals.

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