Tried And Tested Tips To Fix A Flickering Laptop Screen For Good

Laptops come with LED or LCD displays. Undoubtedly, they look incredibly gorgeous. But there are times when it might start giving you a headache.

Have you ever come across a situation where you had to deal with a flickering laptop screen? If yes, then this article is just the right thing you need to resolve the issue.

Although there are several reasons why your laptop’s screen is flickering, there’s nothing that can be fixed. Here are some tried and tested tips for you to improve your flickering laptop screen in no time.

Read on to know more.

  • Update and scan your graphic drivers

Believe it or not, your laptop’s functionality and visual aspects often suffer the consequences of outdated drivers. And one of the major reasons for a flickering screen could be outdated graphics drivers. According to technical experts, updating your graphics driver can resolve potential software problems and enhance your technical experience. For macOS, you need to look for the “Software Update” option and click on the “Updates” placed at the top of the App Store window. Next, check for available updates and select the “Update All” option. Then, your Macbook will update your graphic driver instantly. You just need to select the “Update & Security” tab and check for available updates for windows. You’ll get a long list of necessary and pending updates. Then, click on “Install updates” and leave everything else to your system.

But hang on! Just updating your graphic drivers isn’t enough.

Did you know that your system’s graphic drivers can be compromised by virus infestation? Yes, you read that right. 

Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than a virus infestation. It ruins your technical experience and steals all your personal information. Malware and Adware take root in your system when you either click on suspicious links or download stuff from malicious websites. 

So, try scanning your system for virus infestation and do your best to get rid of it. You can check that there are some little-known methods and tools that can help with Malware removal. Apart from this, refrain from clicking on suspicious emails and links and use authentic websites to download stuff.

  • Modify the refresh rate

If your laptop screen is flickering uncontrollably and nothing seems to work, try changing the refresh rate and align it with the capabilities of the displays. Technically speaking, refresh rate is a kind of measurement of the number of times the screen redraws every second.

The settings could come in handy for aged laptops and might affect the quality of Liquid Crystal Displays found in your computer. For this, you need to choose “Screen Resolution,” click on “Advanced Settings,” and select “Monitor. Now you just need to find the “Hide Modes That This Monitor Cannot Display” and choose a higher refresh rate from the available list.

Final words, 

After using the tips mentioned above, you’ll notice a positive change in your laptop’s screen resolution. Fortunately, now you won’t have to worry about a flickering laptop screen ever again.

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