Safety Inspection Checklist: 5 Things You Need to Check to Ensure That Your Heavy Equipment Is in Good Condition

Keeping heavy equipment properly maintained is one key to business success. When heavy equipment breaks down, business slows and a loss of money is certain. If you plan to keep your business productive, you must constantly check that your heavy equipment is in good working condition.

When a business is ready to buy or sell used business equipment, it is also important to see that the items are in top working condition. If the equipment has problems, it can affect the price and the longevity of the asset. These are five things you need to check to ensure that your heavy equipment is good, working condition.

Keep accurate records

The best way to ensure that your heavy equipment is properly maintained is too keep records of everything done and everything that should be done. When you keep good records, there aren’t any questions about what needs to be done. Businesses should follow the recommended maintenance schedule to be sure the expensive and vital equipment keeps doing what it should. Maintenance records should be so detailed that even fuel efficiency is tracked.

Maintain recommended fluid and lubrication levels

Properly maintaining fluid levels keeps heavy equipment running smoothly. Along with fluids, parts that require lubrication need to be properly maintained, too. While some heavy equipment fluid levels might not seem important, they are. Every repair that needs to be made takes that piece of equipment out of rotation.

Keep equipment clean

Heavy equipment can get dirty quite quickly. Since dirt can lead to moisture build up which can lead to rust, cleaning heavy equipment helps lengthen lifespans. Schedule regular deep cleans into the maintenance calendar, and require employees to clean machinery after each use. Don’t forget to clean the driver’s compartments, too.

Maintain electrical wiring

Electrical wiring also needs to be properly maintained and inspected regularly, too. Even though the equipment is heavy-duty, wiring is still fragile. Electrical components can wear out, especially when unnecessarily exposed to the elements.

If your equipment is used in all weather conditions, especially excessively cold and hot, electrical components can be quick to react negatively. Watch for leaks that could affect electrical wiring, as rain and snow can get into unexpected places. If the equipment is used on rough ground, wiring can quickly come loose. Many businesses that rely on heavy equipment will inspect sensitive electrical areas before and after each use as a safety precaution for the equipment and the operator.

Maintain the alignment

It might not seem important, but maintaining the alignment on heavy equipment can extend the life of the item. Since many pieces of heavy equipment are used on rough ground, alignment can quickly be knocked out of whack. When this happens, everything above the foundation can also be shifted out of alignment. Even though heavy equipment is durable, when the alignment is off, it tends to be way off, which is why alignment affects so many other functions.

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