Themed Parties – Not Just for Kids

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Are you organising an office party and need some ideas on how to make it more fun? If so, you should perhaps consider giving your party a theme. Even though most people associate themed parties with kids’ birthdays and celebrations, themed parties are also getting increasingly popular with adults. This is because they tend to create a more relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, which has made fancy dress very popular for office parties and other celebrations that tend to have a more formal tone.

Listed below are a few ideas on how to throw a successful themed office party:


They are not a must but will definitely make the party more fun. In fact, you can use costumes as the party theme and let your office colleagues to come dressed in the costume of their choice. That way, you will get a little bit of everything: a cowboy outfit, various superhero costumes, a lovely princess or two, a daring pirate costume and probably even a Donald Trump fancy dress.


It doesn’t have to be anything glamourous or expensive, and most of the times less means more. But to achieve the best effect and create a great party atmosphere – especially if it’s going to be held at the office – it’s a good idea to invest some time and effort in decoration. Or better yet, ask everyone at the office to participate by bringing or making something to put on the wall, hang on the ceiling, etc. ideally, something that reflects the party’s theme.


No matter if you are printing them or simply sending everyone an email, don’t forget to make your invitations match your theme, and let everyone know about whether there is a dress code and if they should bring anything. If you’re not very creative, there are lots of invite templates to be found on the Internet.


Again, this is not a must, but having themed food is definitely a great extra. But while ordering party food (and drinks), don’t focus only on the looks and taste. With a growing number of people taking on a healthy diet, it’s a good idea to order something yummy but healthy too.


A party without a music is not really a party. To make your office party fun and help everyone to relax and amuse themselves, be sure to plan some party music and depending on your party theme, perhaps some themed music too to lift the atmosphere.

6 comments on “Themed Parties – Not Just for Kids

  1. Avatarmichael

    These are excellent ideas on how to shake up the bland office party, will definitely be using these suggestions in the future!

  2. AvatarGiulianna Claricurzio

    These are awesome ideas! The online invitation is a great idea, I love how easy everything is with evites now!

  3. AvatarAllison

    Themed parties can definitely boost morale at an office! Inviting people via email is a smart choice and makes everything easy to accomplish!


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