Save Money Through Tire Knowledge!

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We have recently learned about some “hacks” that you can use to save your money and reduce your risk of problems.Continue reading to learn about the “hacks”:


Shop around –You know that tires cost big money. When was the last time you compared deals and prices from several vendors in hopes of getting the best deal?  Many people do not, and we think it is a good idea to! People often just go for whatever their local tire store says to do.  Keep in mind, that there are always fantastic deals somewhere.  Look into the discount retailers as they frequently have the best prices. Keep your eyes open for rebates as well. Much like cell phones, there are always new models being released, so the retailers need to blow out their old stock. 


Buy them at the right time – This applies if you ever drive in winter weather. Did you know that if you purchase tires off-season that you may save money?  That’s right; get winter tires in the summer and summer tires in the winter. It is an easy and very few people do it!  Just think about it, retailers need sales all year and guess what they incentivize off-season good when products sell slowly! 


All tires are NOT made equal – Buy a second set of winter tires. That will help guarantee sure-footing regardless of whatever Mother Nature will send for weather. Many people get a second set of rims and keep their winter tires and summer tires separate.  While a second set of rims may be expensive, you’ll save money when you have the garage swap them. Again, this is something to experience if you do drive in winter weather at all!


Rotation is key – every 5,000 miles, get your tires rotated and balanced. If you do this, your tires will last for a long time. Tires tend to wear unevenly, and it differs from tire to tire on your car. Keep in mind that if you have front-wheel drive then your front tires will wear out quicker than the rear ones. It will also give you a smooth and safe ride!


Keep your tires inflated – First, underinflated tires do not roll as easily and this drops your vehicle’s gas mileage. If the tires are ten pounds underinflated (which is common), your gas mileage will be 5% less than it’s supposed to be. And here’s an important point: the right pressure to inflate your tires is NOT what the pressure stated on the tire is.  What you see on the tire is instead the maximum pressure.  To figure out what the pressure that you need inflate your tires to is, look on the sticker in your door jambs or in your owner’s manual. It’s recommended that you check your tire pressure every week. Try Monday morning before you head to work to get it out of the way, and stop at the gas station on your way to work.


Thank you to this Schaumburg, IL car dealership’s team for their input on this article!

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