Protecting Your Business from Burglary – Simple Measures Can Make a Big Difference

Sadly, you can never make your business premises 100% burglar-proof. Daring burglars will find ways to overcome even the most technologically advanced and sophisticated systems. But the good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to dramatically improve the security of your business premises. On the contrary, it’s the simple (and very inexpensive) measures that can make a big difference.

Here are a few examples:

Prune those trees and bushes

Unsurprisingly, burglars don’t want to be seen while observing your premises and waiting for an opportunity to break in. And trees and bushes, especially if overgrown, provide a perfect hiding place. So, be sure to cut back those branches.

Make sure the exterior is free of rubbish

It may sound strange, but it will help you reduce the risk of becoming a victim of commercial burglary. According to the ONS analysis of property crime, leaving rubbish and litter outside a building makes it more likely to become a target of crime.

There can never be too much light

If necessary, install additional lights to improve lighting around your premises. The better the lighting, the more likely someone will notice any suspicious activity around the building. And this is a major deterrent for burglars.

Have your doors and window locks tested on a regular basis

You may think that your door and window locks are fine and that having them tested by a professional is a waste of time and money. But according to research by locksmith service in London, your locks may not be functioning properly even if everything seems normal. So, don’t assume that your doors and windows are secure and have them periodically checked by a professional locksmith.

Remove any valuable items from the windows

Even better is to keep any valuables out of sight completely if possible because burglars are more likely to target your business if they know that you have something valuable to take. Ideally, keep any valuable items in a safe or secure room, especially at night.

Display a fitted intruder alarm

It’s highly recommended to have an actual intruder alarm but if you don’t you should pretend that you do! According to the police, premises that display a fitted intruder alarm are less likely to be targeted by burglars.

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