Old Workplace Practices Enhanced by New Technology

You know the great thing about modern-day inventions like the internet, software, applications, and other digital resources? It makes everyday tasks a lot easier to manage. Though true in your personal life this can also be said about the workplace. A lot of old business processes have been completely transformed (or eliminated), thanks to technological advances. Not only have these innovations saved businesses a lot of time, but a lot of money as well. Below, is a closer look at some of the old workplace habits that have been replaced or enhanced with the help of modern technology.

Writing Notes

From jotting down ideas to drafting memos and emails, writing notes isn’t uncommon in the workplace. They help you to remember things that are important. In previous times, writing notes meant keeping a pen and pad or sticky note on hand at all times. Though it gets the job done, sometimes it can be inconvenient and time-consuming.

Thanks to the creation of online applications, you can use a notebook app to keep notes. Easy to download to your computer, laptop, or mobile device, you can jot down information whenever the moment hits you. Even if you don’t have a pen on you, there are some notebook applications that allow you to record your thoughts and store them for later.

Storing Files

Data will forever be a major part of operating a business. From client information and correspondence to invoices, contracts, and other pertinent information, it all used to be stored in a filing cabinet for future use. This is not only a space-waster but a money-waster as well.  Depending on how much information you need to keep on hand, you’ll have to have tons of storage, file folders, and paperwork in the workplace.

Today, you don’t need to print or store a thing in the physical sense. Cloud storage accounts have proven very useful for keeping track of your company’s most important data. Whether you’ve created the documents online, scanned and uploaded them to your computer, or received an email, you can store these documents, in any form in the cloud. With such software, you can access these files from anywhere, collaborate with others, and even send electronic copies to those you’d like to have access. This saves your company time and space.

Mailing Correspondence

Just a few decades ago, the best way to send out company correspondence was through the post office. You’d create documents, print them, and then pay for postage to have them sent wherever you’d like in just a few days. Though it may still be necessary for some correspondence, it can get expensive if you’re sending a mass mailing or a large package that needs to be delivered in a hurry.

A better and faster way to send correspondence from your office to the addressee is to email it. You can send word processor documents, spreadsheets, contracts, forms, and any other digital document via email in a matter of seconds. Whether you’re sending it to one person or 100, it will get there a lot quicker and save you on the cost of printer paper, ink, and postage.

Business Meetings

Networking and communication are both very important components of running a business. Business execs spend a lot of money every year on hosting and attending meetings for various purposes. Though there’s nothing like an occasional face-to-face communication, the cost of traveling for business meetings can be a bit much.

If you need to meet with important clients from virtually anywhere around the globe, it is now possible without ever having to leave your office. Thanks to video conferencing software and applications, you can now schedule a virtual meeting and save your business some time and money. All you need is a strong internet connection and you can connect with offices around the world. Share presentations and files, while actually getting to see and hear what your audience has to say.

These are just a few traditional business practices that have been made easier with the help of modern technology. If you’ve been using some of these old-fashioned methods in your office, consider some upgrades. They could essentially shave a lot of time off your day while helping to save your business money in the long-run.