Legitimate Online Jobs for College Students in 2020

The internet has become a beehive with students looking for online jobs on various sites as they try to earn some income or extra cash. What is important is to do a thorough background check at the companies or websites offering these jobs as well as to compare your sets of skills against the jobs that are being offered online.

Why pick an online job as a student?

As a student, you may not have the time for a full-time job, and as such, an online job is certainly your best option. With this in mind, let us look at some of the benefits of doing an online job while at home or during your free hours.


– You get to earn an income.

– You get to work at the time you are available.

– Get to work at home or venue of choice.

– You can even improve your skills as there are many fields of jobs to apply.

You will be astounded by the much you can earn during your extra time. Your skills might be needed somewhere so get online and turn your free time into earning time. To get you started on the jobs, we have listed the best websites that will offer genuine online jobs for college students. Check them out here.


This would involve utilizing your communication and organization skills, and many of these skills will be second nature, as the working habits will be much the same as your school habits and your communication skills will be garnered from your extracurricular activities.

The position for a VA will vary depending on the hours and the type of work, duties can include anything from data entry, research, customer service to appointment setting and social media management. As there are many people who strive to become self-employed or yearn for that passive income, these positions are likely to increase in demand.

How to Start

There are numerous websites that you can find jobs through, some of the most common are

People Per HourUpworkVA NetworkingFreelancer and Zirtual.



No experience is required for this and can offer flexible hours and workloads, although the actual tasks can be easy, just listen to a recording and write what you hear. It is essential though to have a good understanding of the language you will be transcribing; this includes both written and listening.

Rates available can be around $15 -$25 for a normal transcription, and higher pay for more specialized fields like medical and legal etc. It should be noted, the job can be repetitive and a good attention to detail is required.

How to Start

Positions for this line of work can be found at:








Have you mastered any of the programs within Microsoft Office? Maybe Spreadsheets, Word document formatting or one that is more common, like Powerpoint Presentation Designer? Creating these presentations can be given by normal businesses as a skill set, or keynote speakers who are unable to allocate the time.

How to Start

Skills you specialize in can be posted on sites like Upwork, Freelancer or many others, although these are the most common. You just create your profile and advertise your skill sets. Either prospective clients can contact you or you are able to search for positions that are suitable. Depending on the complexity of the slide or task, the rates can vary and be between $10- $20 per slide.


Are you a bit of a whizz when it comes to social media? This can be a fun way for you to earn, and you can get paid for doing something you enjoy already. While in this position you would be interacting with customers, dealing with content and promoting any deals the company may have.

How to Start

Random job boards are a good place to start looking or advertising your services, and depending on your favored social media platforms you can promote your experience while online. You may find small companies that are unaware how some platforms could benefit them, so you can create a plan and offer your services to these via Snapchat or Periscope etc. Positions for this sort of work can range from $15 – $40 depending on the size of the company.



If you have any strengths in certain academic subjects, you can put these to use for you, there are possibilities for online tutors, and you can offer peer tutoring to fellow students who are struggling in certain subjects. Sometimes for private tuition there are many opportunities for you to be a private tutor, and some of the jobs available can be for teaching English to kids as far away as Japan.

How to Start

To promote your services or register with tutoring services, you can visit Tutor.com or Chegg are the most common services at the moment. It is also possible for you to create a full course of work and sell this through teaching websites like Udemy or Skillshare.

Positions for the tutoring services pay from $13 – $20 per hour, if you did create a course to sell, the rate for this would be at your discretion. You can create a course and place it on Udemy, too.



This line of work is not the most glamorous or the best paying job, although the skill levels required are a lot lower than some of the other options. All that would be required is a computer and your internet connection.

How to Start

There are a few sites to start with that advertise data entry jobs, these being UpworkDionData Solutions and Clickworker, the rates for this can vary between $9 and $16 per hour.



There are many people who choose this as an avenue for full-time employment, and your work hours can be dictated by you and you can choose which jobs you wish to write for. You will come to find there are opportunities where you can write about just anything, and due to this, the rates can vary depending on the job size although for a decent sized article you could be looking at a rate of around $50.

How to Start

As there are many opportunities for this kind of work, the list would be endless, a quick search on the internet can show many ideal projects, there are also many opportunities on sites like Upwork, where people require articles or books to be written.

Listverse – Listverse pays $100 for each accepted post.

A List Apart – A List Apart pays $50 per mini-article, $100 per article, and $200 per feature.

International Living – International Living pays $75 for each accepted article.

iWriter – This is also a great website for regular writing jobs.

Textbroker – Textbroker pays up to five cents per word. Note – They are currently accepting US authors only.


Here you would be responsible for placing candidates into the right positions, and you would be the liaison and would be responsible for posting jobs, checking resumes, conducting the first interviews and even negotiating salaries. A rate of $20 – $30 per hour is not unexpected for this sort of position for contractors or as a freelancer.

How to Start

As this position is mainly as a freelancer, it would be up to you to pursue your contacts, both from sites like Upwork and Linkedin that can be a good source of candidates. The other options include Freelancer, SimplyHired, and CareerBuilder.



Although major search engines continually update their algorithms, there are still many errors that occur, so here a human touch is needed to provide feedback, on search results for accuracy and how useful the results are.

How to Start

These jobs can be located on sites such as Appen Butler Hill, Lionbridge, and Leapforce, and the likely rates for these positions can be between $10 and $15 per hour.


Do you know people who need a resume written or made to look much fresher and ready for job searching?

Rates for this can vary between $15- $25 per hour and writing jobs for this line of work can be found on WriterBay or ResumeWritingService.biz, as there is so much competition when applying for this sort of work.


This is not exactly an online job as the others, because this would be your business. If you have a hobby or subject you are highly knowledgeable in, you can create your own niche blog. If you get the content right and provide lots of informative material, it is possible for you to earn money through affiliate marketing, advertising, and sponsored posts. The earnings from this will vary, although if you can generate enough interest, you can still have the chance to earn, even while you are not working.



Sites like Fiverr let you post skills or ideas, for these you can get paid around $5, and you can also search for people who require a simple task that would take an hour or two, and quick jobs like this can fit into your schedule much easier than having to commit, for a few hours. Other sites to try are TenBux ($5 – $10) and GigBucks, their rates are from $5 – $50.


Paid Website Testing Jobs

A Website Tester is someone who gives their opinion about a random website. If you are interested in trying out software, website or mobile application and giving your feedback about it, you have all the qualities that are needed to become a Tester.

User Testing – User Testing pays $10 a pop for testing websites. A test usually takes about 15-20 minutes.

Testbirds – For a regular usability test you would earn around 20 Euros or 15 Pounds.

Whatusersdo – Whatusersdo Pays is $8 or more via Paypal. Test takes around 15-20 minutes to complete.

Enroll – Get paid to test websites before they are published. Earn cash rewards.

UserTest.Io – UserTest pays people £8 ($10) for every website review they complete as a qualified website reviewer. It takes 5 minutes to become qualified.

There are tons of online jobs and free resources out there. You just have to search for them ! Explore your options, and you could soon be making money from home.



Nat Lind is a home tutor specializing in a wide range of academic areas, including general core subjects, health and natural nutrition. She is currently blogging for https://smiletutor.sg/maths-tuition who help students with finding a math tutor and tutors for other subjects, in Singapore.

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