Kids, Internet And Addiction – Use Parental Monitoring App For Android To Save Them

Internet addiction in children is no joke, it is something that is increasingly worrying parents and experts in education.

Children lack the knowledge and awareness to properly manage their own use of electronic devices with Internet access, and have no idea of ​​the potential harms the Internet can cause them. Most children have access to an electronic device with internet access.

While this can assure parents that they can have two-way contact with their child in an emergency, there are very real risks to which this constant access to the Internet can expose them. Children have been increasingly exposed to long periods of time connected to the Internet, disconnecting them from the world around them.

When they are online, they have a greater risk of becoming involved in cyberbullying, both as a victim and as an aggressor. There is also a greater risk of using your phone with Internet for cybersex, in particular through sexting and access to applications that could increase the risk of addiction to sex and sexual harm online.

As if that were not enough, children are increasingly exposed to peer pressure through mobile phones and can spend long periods of time playing online, making them vulnerable to addiction to video games and a serious loss of time.

This can be detrimental to the development of healthy social relationships and can lead to isolation and victimization. For these reasons, children and adolescents are recommended not to be allowed more than two hours of screen time per day (this screen time must also be supervised by parents to avoid unwanted behavior). In the same way, it is essential to educate children correctly and to inform them of the potential dangers of misuse of the Internet.

How can you save your kids?

One question that strkes every parent after realizing internet is risks is how can they save their kids? Well, the solution is simple and the answer is precise, i.e. use parental monitoring app for Android.

As the name suggests, parental monitoring apps like FamilyTime helps parents keep track of the behavior of children and enable them to monitor each of their movements, With the use of this app parents can check what their kids see on the Internet, and can have a weekly or daily report of their activities.

They can also block inappropriate sites and content, and limit the time of tech use automatically. These are only a few features that help parents manage their kids’ internet addiction. There are a bundle of others, such as app phone monitoring and contact Watchlisting etc. So, try the app now for free. You can get this app from the app store on your phone.

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