How to Find Work as a Freelancer

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Whether you have been working as a freelancer for a long time or are just starting out, finding work can be the most difficult, stressful, and daunting prospect of working for yourself. If you are struggling to find work as a freelancer, there is no need to despair. Understanding where to look and who to contact can prove invaluable for any freelancer who is looking for work.

Get Online

The first step to finding work as a freelancer is to, quite simply, get online. There are many websites that have been specifically created to help freelancers find work that is right for them. For example, Shiply helps connect drivers looking for delivery driver jobs with businesses that are offering consistent driving work. Finding a website specializing in the type of work you do, whether delivery driving or website design, can prove invaluable when looking for work as a freelancer.

Reach Out To Companies You Like Directly

Reaching out to companies directly is another great way that freelancers can find work. The key to finding work in this way is to be as sincere and relevant as possible. The aim is not to cold email as many companies as possible but instead try to make a meaningful impact on specific organizations that you believe are best suited to you.

You should take the time to be personal, to write an impressive cover letter that expresses who you are, why you are interested in the company, and what you believe you can offer them.

Ask Past Clients To Recommend Your Services

Once you have completed work for a company and they are happy with the services that you have provided, it is useful to encourage recommendations. While this might not have an initial impact, a past client will likely recommend your services when relevant. So it is important that you always encourage happy clients to keep you in mind and recommend your services whenever relevant.

Get Social

Social media is a hugely powerful tool in today’s business world. If you do not already have a strong presence on social media, you must spend some time building your profile. You should make sure to choose a relevant platform to work on.

Building your presence on social media can help you to gain more followers, expand your brand awareness and build your customer base. All of this means that social media should be an integral part of your marketing efforts.

Build Your Website’s Visibility

It is common for business owners to find freelance workers simply by typing in the services they are looking for into a search engine like Google. Optimizing your ranking for relevant search keywords can help you to become more visible to potential clients.

You should be utilizing search engine optimization techniques, like content marketing, website design optimization, and backlinking can help you to boost your ranking. For a faster result, you might also want to consider using pay-per-click advertisements on a search engine to help you stand out in front of relevant businesses.

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