Five Pieces of Fire Equipment Every SME Office Needs

Small to medium enterprises need plenty of equipment to get their offices set up but it’s important that you don’t forget about fire safety. Any office should have the necessary fire safety equipment to ensure it’s safe. So, I have listed my top five pieces of equipment you need some you likely already know about but others might surprise you.

Fire Extinguishers 

Yes everyone should know about how important fire extinguishers are but when you are running an SME office you will need more than just a plain water extinguisher. Extinguishers come in many forms and you should at least have a foam and CO2 extinguisher as well as a water one.

You will also need to ensure your staff know how to safely operate them and have them stored in a manner that allows for quick and easy access. Extinguishers are the quintessential piece of fire equipment but they aren’t the only thing you will need to ensure your office is safe.

Fire Blankets 

Fire blankets are perfect for staff/ break rooms especially if you have cooking facilities onsite. Fire blankets like extinguishers need to be stored safely but they are much simpler to use. When used correctly and quickly a fire blanket can stop a fire before it spreads.

Acrylic Cabinets 

Well, this one might seem like a strange choice but a clear acrylic cabinet is actually a great choice for protecting your office against the dangers of fire. Acrylic cabinets have a high heat resistance and acrylic can also be made flame-retardant if chemically treated.

Acrylic can still melt though but unlike other materials you can use for cabinets it doesn’t produce much smoke. This is what make acrylic cabinets so beneficial because in many fires it is the smoke that is the very real danger, not the flames.

Acrylic is also commonly used to produce fire extinguisher signs as well due to its resistance to flame. Every office will need cabinets but by opting for acrylic you aren’t just going for a more trendy option you are actually improving office safety.

Smoke/ Fire Alarms 

An office just like a home should be equipped with proper fire alarms if you a renting an office then this will be the responsibility of your landlord. However, you should make sure you regularly inspect them yourself and if your alarms are noticeably old then you should consider getting them upgraded.

There have been some big leaps in technology when it comes to smoke and fire alarms so don’t stick with outdated models. You should also ensure your office as call point alarms installed as well especially if you have a large office. These alarms use radio technology and allow you to quickly notify everyone in the office/ building about a fire.

A First Aid Kit  

Any office regardless of size should have a first aid kit at the ready but you should ensure it is stocked to help with burns in case of a fire. Treating a burn isn’t quite as simple as treating a cut but minor burns can usually be treated with the right first aid materials.

Antiseptic sprays, ointment, and aloe vera creams can all be used to soothe minor burns. It should then be protected with a bandage and tape. You can also buy specialist burn kits as well which you can store in your first aid box.

So, now you know what essentials your office needs should you get the stuff right away? Well ideally yes, at the very least you should have extinguishers, a working alarm/ detector system, and a first aid kit. But since your acrylic cabinets serve another purpose and a fire blanket is a good extra if you get everything together you can ensure your office is better protected against the risk of fires.

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