Five New Online Sportsbooks Features that Aids Sports Betting

Online sportsbooks continue to offer players new features to improve their sports betting experience. You can always get constant updates from the best sports betting sites. That is why you should always choose top-notch gambling sites to join. 

From the best March Madness betting odds to the Super Bowl picks, there are plenty of incredible features to enjoy. As a result, we have compiled five new features you will enjoy at lots of online sportsbooks sites.

Odd Calculator

One new top feature that you will find at most sportsbooks online is the odd calculator that helps bettors place accumulator bets. In this case, they can enter as many chances as allowed, and they would not have to worry about the odds calculation since the system does it automatically.

For instance, if you want to place a parlay bet on different college basketball games, you can use the odd calculator feature to see your potential win before submitting the wager. In this case, if you have an amount you are looking for, once you get to it, you can stop. If you have not, you can add more games to the parlay. 

Stats Checker

Checking stats is helpful to make better predictions and increase your win rate. Now, you do not need third-party apps to check the stats for games before you bet on them. All you have to do is click on the feature, and you will see the team’s performance, trends, and other related data to help you for a complete prediction.

Most sports betting sites put the stat checker button on the side of the teams that want to play. So, you can easily click on the icon or button to see the stats for the participant teams. In addition, you will also get statistics for individual players.

Head-to-Head Tracker

Online sports betting sites now offer players the chance to see the head-to-head for each matchup. Knowing how two teams facing each other have fared over time can help determine how they will set up. In this case, you can check as far back as the first year they played against each other. 

However, if you go that far, the information might not be relevant to the present match. So, you cannot use it to determine how the game would go. As a result, we recommend that you stay close to the most recent meetings, maybe the last ten meetings or three seasons ago, whichever comes first.  

Team News and Updates

Staying up to date with the team news is vital to your sports betting career. You need to know what players are available, who is likely to start, and how the team might set up for the matchup. With this, you can tell if they would be more defensive or otherwise, determining what bet market would be more suitable.

With this feature, you will also focus on how the players are doing outside the pitch. The reason is that a significant event can affect them. A tragedy can put them off, while a piece of great news can make them bring their A-game to the next match.

Live Streaming

You can now follow games live on different online sportsbooks. With their live streaming feature, you can check games in sports that are not naturally available in your region. So, if you are interested in sports that you won’t find on TV, you can always use the Live Streaming feature to check them out.

Aside from that, if you want to bet on live games, you can watch the game live before placing your bets. That way, you know what’s happening on the pitch to see if there are occurrences that might trigger a specific event so that you can bet on them.

Bottom Line

The new technologies that you will find in online sportsbooks are pretty helpful, and they can make your gaming experience even better. If you use them right, you can improve your success rate. Also, some features can help you manage your bankroll so that you do not spend above budget. 

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