Expert Tips to Improve Your Sports Betting Picks and Manage Your Bankroll

Sports betting can be tricky as the results rely on players to perform the way you expect them to. We’ve had lots of underdog stories, and as sweet as they are, they are bettor’s nightmares. Sometimes we can get it right and back the underdog in the March Madness bracket. But the chances of getting right every single time are doubtful. 

As a result, it is not wise to continue betting on underdogs to win unless you have a big bankroll. Or to bet on the favorites consistently because they have a better chance of winning. In that case, you must find the right balance when you want to make your picks and manage your bankroll. 

So, we put together these expert tips to help you get started. Let’s dive right in!

Let Stats, Odds, and Trends be your Friends

Stats, odds, and trends will help you a great deal if you make better predictions. You simply have to work on reading them. Starting with odds, understand that the favorites are usually given smaller odds to show higher chances of winning. In this case, you can use it to determine the better team on paper.

In addition, you can use stats and trends to track the team’s performance over the past few games. We recommend that you do not go farther than the previous ten games. That way, you are not misled by the numbers. If possible, keep it in the range of five games as it shows their most current run of form.

Take Updates and News Seriously

Updates will let you know how the teams will set up for the match. You will know if critical players won’t be available. That way, you can tell if the team would perform to their full strength. Also, you can even see if there are off-field events that might affect the team performance. 

Follow Matchups Live

Nothing beats watching the match live, as it will give you the chance to see the team play. Truthfully, numbers can cover a team’s awful performance, and that might affect your picks. For instance, a team might play terribly but find a way to cover the spread in the end. In this case, they might not be as lucky in their next matchup.

Follow Your Intuition

Many times we have gut feelings about a particular pick. In this case, we say follow your intuition. Betting is based on luck, so even if you follow all the rules in the book, you might still end up short. Although you shouldn’t throw out other tips, you should try to mix and match as much as possible. That way, you can balance out your picks and make better predictions.  

Have a Budget

If you want to manage your bankroll, you need a budget. Set a reasonable amount for your wagers and split it appropriately to cover enough bets. This decision is personal, so look within to pick out an amount you know you can afford to lose. It does not have to be extravagant; it just has to be enough. If you play your cards right, you can even end up growing your bankroll.

Never Chase Losses

Losses are part of gambling. Therefore, you should be ready for them. Make sure that you handle your losses correctly so that you are overwhelmed by the feeling to recoup all that you have lost. In that case, you should let all your losses go and keep trying again only when you have appropriately analyzed the various matchup you want to bet on. 

Bottom Line

Placing bets on sports is not difficult. However, making the correct picks is the tricky part. In that case, you need to follow expert tips to help you make better decisions. Once you follow this guide, you will improve your predictions and manage your bankroll better.

Before you start betting, you should ensure that you find a sportsbook with a good range of bonuses that you can use to place free wagers. That way, you can protect your bankroll and test strategies.

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