Displaying Your Style: 5 Great Slatwall Panel Styles to Spice up Your Displays

Outfitting your store with the right layout and fixtures can be overwhelming. Obviously, you want something that is of high quality and something that will not damage easily. However, the design of your panel needs to adjust to the layout updates and the ever-changing inventory. Merchandisers in all corners of the world have discovered a solution to their display problems – slatwall. From the neighborhood boutique to the large department stores, these systems relieve you of all the stress associated with designing and organizing retail layouts.

Tire Tread Slatwall

This is one of the most amazing design displays. It offers a much realistic look that will shock you upon installations. This system of display can be used in featuring the newest and most profitable auto products. Just like other textured slatwall panels, are designed with dimensions (8 feet wide by 2 feet high) and also feature paint-matched aluminum grooves that are pre-installed. These allow for a weight bearing capacity compared to the standard non-reinforced panels.

Tower Display

This slatwall model is also called the I-unit. It is an excellent display as it helps to save space for your business. With only two sides, the Tower is all about maximizing presence and virility. This model can also incorporate maple slatwall panels which are aesthetically appealing. This display design is ideal for small products or for showcasing an outfit.

The Cube

This slatwall display design a wide range of display options and space. The Cubes range in width and height from the large to the countertop units, giving them a broad range of functions and applications. It is characterized by four multi-directional sides which could also be made from maple slatwall panels. The Cube also includes casters and a spinning base. It is ideal for small items and for displaying one large piece.


Image Source – Alibaba.com

This model is also referred to as the H-unit. It is ideal for your retail slatwall display. The gondolas are an excellent value for money, given their numerous benefits to the retailer. A standard gondola occupies about 8 square feet of space on the floor but can offer up to 48 square of a display section. It display model is suitable for larger merchandise or a series of showcase.

The Pinwheel

The Pinwheel display is one of the most functional and compact slatwall fixtures. Its design is used for protecting your attachments during rotation. It also consists of four multi-directional panels and includes a spinning base and a caster. It is ideal for use in stores that contain limited spaces.

Although there are numerous choices of the slatwall panels to choose from, these are still the backbone of store displays. While there are other components that could easily fit a particular need, the slatwall panels are still the most preferred fixtures due to their durability, versatility, and ease of use. Additionally, the retail stores and merchandisers are not the only groups that acknowledge the significance of slatwalls. These fixtures can also be seen in flower shops, residential garages, schools, and any places looking for smart display systems.

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