Can my smartphone help me while driving?

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These days, we’re more digitally connected than ever. We use our smartphones to help us learn, cook, exercise, shop, and complete countless other tasks. Is it possible that they could also help us while we drive? The answer is yes! With dashboard mounts, voice control, and dashboard infotainment interfaces, it’s possible to safely and effectively use a phone while driving, and reap the benefits of a variety of driver-oriented apps. Provided you have the technology or hardware necessary to access your phone hands-free, there are plenty of apps that can make traveling by car better.

What apps are the most helpful for people who drive? Ultimately, that depends you and your driving habits. As far as we know, there’s no catch-all app for every driving need, but we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites. Read on to check out our top app picks for people who drive, and some of the best features that they offer!

GasBuddy: This app offers access to a database of nearly every gas station in the United States. You can search along your route for places to buy gas, and refine your search with specifics like whether or not a station offers diesel. Our favorite feature of GasBuddy is the ability to locate the best price. The app lets users input corrections and updates, so you can generally count on up-to-date pricing info and find the lowest price near you.

Waze: This crowd-sourced navigation app differs from its competitors well real-time updates from other users. “Wazers,” as the app refer to its users, can drop pins along their drive to indicate heavy traffic, police traps, accidents or other hazards. While there are more intuitive apps for map navigation, for navigating around traffic and predicting delays, Waze is your best bet.  

Find My Car: This app doesn’t exactly help you while you’re driving, but is helpful nonetheless. With Find My Car, you’ll never forget where you parked again. By dropping a pin at your parked car’s location on the map, you’ll get walking direction back to it when you choose to return. The app also allows you to take a picture of your car’s location or add a note such as “in front of the bank” or “row three” to jog your memory.

Where to Wee: While an app to locate gas stations seems like a no-brainer, an app to find public restrooms is a little outside the box. If you’re on a road trip, though, or taking a long drive in an unfamiliar place, you may be thankful for Where to Wee. Our favorite part of the app is its rating system, which utilizes user input to keep tabs on the quality of restroom.

Spotify: There are many music streaming services on the market, but we like Spotify best for its premium features. With the monthly membership, you get unlimited streaming without ads, and you can also download playlists and songs to your device for offline listening. Experts with Metro Kia of Atlanta tell us that many vehicles even offer access to Spotify directly through a dashboard infotainment interface.

Roadtrippers: The closest thing to a one-stop app for a ton of driving needs is Roadtrippers. With locations and reviews of rest stops, restaurants, hotels, campgrounds and more, Roadtrippers was built for planning the ultimate road trip. The app allows you to string together your destinations and pit stops into one cohesive route, and can even estimate your fuel expenses for the trip.


As useful as smartphones can be, its important to make sure that your primary focus is on driving. Make sure you utilize hands-free and voice controls to access these apps, or have a co-pilot handling the tech.

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