5 Essential Crypto Money-Making Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs designing or developing innovative tools across multiple sectors can leverage cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to improve their products. Since crypto adoption is generally on the rise, these creators can design apps, programs, or other tools to function cohesively with blockchain networks. In addition to this, young entrepreneurs can create solutions and follow strategies that increase their chances of earning from the industry. Thankfully, crypto sub-sectors like decentralized finance (DeFi) have made this easy. Young entrepreneurs seeking to generate wealth while creating the next best crypto solution may consider the following steps.

Try a Presale Event

A crypto presale is an event where early investors, supporters, and enthusiasts can buy cryptocurrency tokens long before the assets become publicly available. Users can register and participate in a presale crypto event to buy promising tokens at discounted rates, enjoy exciting bonuses, or access exclusive perks. According to Alan Draper, presales allow investors to purchase cryptocurrencies at a hugely discounted price, but it can be tricky to find a project worth investing in and strike a balance between high risk and high reward.

When done right, a presale event is sometimes a cash cow for the average crypto user because they get to sell the token at higher prices at the public launch. Some users play the long game and use the token as an investment channel, preferring to wait for more significant returns.

Young entrepreneurs can use presale events to raise money for their projects. With enough buzz and advertisement, a new project can garner a significant following of people who trust the project enough to spend money on an early purchase.

Identify New Trends

Entrepreneurs must stay abreast of happenings in the industry, so that they can quickly adapt to emerging trends. There are usually news updates concerning crypto, blockchain, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and decentralized finance (DeFi) that creators and developers can follow to learn about the ecosystem and identify specific needs. Entrepreneurs can study the market, identify problems, and proffer unique remedies to common problems. Providing solutions to widespread issues is always a sure-fire way to make money.

Continuous Networking

Young entrepreneurs are strongly advised to meet with other stakeholders in their respective industries. It is also important to join online communities, attend conferences, and collaborate with like-minded individuals to brainstorm and generate new ideas. Developers and entrepreneurs can learn about new crypto projects and fun ways to use their coins, take advantage of the community, and even band together to create lobby groups that might make it easier to earn from cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.


The world of cryptocurrencies is very dynamic and ever-changing. As the sector evolves, learning new skills is necessary to keep up with the times. This is true of all skills required in the crypto industry, whether software engineering, data analysis, technical writing, or even graphic design. Young entrepreneurs must upskill or gather a team comprising some of the most up-to-date workers to leverage their expertise and knowledge for the best chance of profit. This knowledge can also help entrepreneurs build the best smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps) that adequately cater to growing needs in the sector. According to a recent report, there already is a strong demand for jobs related to blockchain technology.

Explore Decentralization

Decentralization ensures that power on a network is reasonably distributed across several parties or nodes. This method increases a network’s autonomy and transparency because everyone can view a blockchain to confirm records and changes. It also adds to security because the more nodes are available on a network, the less likely one entity can gain undue network control or manipulate records. Young entrepreneurs can embrace decentralization, which can help with tokenization and crowdfunding. Entrepreneurs or new projects, even in the traditional sector, can tokenize assets and sell to people interested in investing, so they can earn money to fund their products. In addition, exploring decentralization opens the average entrepreneur to a global market so that people can buy issued tokens regardless of geographical borders. Furthermore, decentralization can help to cut costs by reducing transaction charges, automating work processes, and sidestepping intermediaries.


Entrepreneurs should consider the above tips as methods to earn handsomely from the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector. Known for its potential to disrupt several industries, crypto and blockchain are still relatively new sectors with significant potential to help entrepreneurs earn for themselves and attract funds for their projects in the form of investments. Entrepreneurs can position themselves for the best possible chance of earning and meeting financial goals if they network and collaborate, and also identify new related trends, while staying relevant by upskilling.