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Trekking In The Himalayas

Traveling and trekking has been one of the most desired activities by people for recreation to get rid of boring daily activities. When it comes to entertainment, people are ready and they choose for what they like the most. We recently conducted a research on “why they prefer to trek to the Himalayas?”

Here are some of the reasons that attract people to the mountains, Trekking in the Himalayas

♦ Peace

The Himalayas lie on high elevations where the temperature is below or nearly zero. The terrains are so steep and the inhabitation is difficult. So Himalayan regions are almost secluded besides the local markets where one can experience the great joy of solitude. The chilling and fresh air from the face of Himalayas, exotic vegetations and animals, bizarre landscapes and uninhabited regions  are what keeps the trekking full of bliss. Some say trekking to the Himalayas is not only for eyes, it’s for soul to understand oneself along with the nature.

♦ Exercise

The trails to the Himalayas are so arduous that needs hours of walking in the steep hills. It helps to stretch the muscles and keep them balanced although the starting days may cause small injuries on skin. The day by day walking for hours a week or couple of them might scare you at first but as the day passes you won’t believe yourself. The trek to Mount Everest consists of 14 days of itinerary (from Drishya) which involves 4-5 hours of walking but the walk is worth having.


♦ Local culture

The culture of the remote regions are so pure and unaffected that they remain almost same for many years. The people there follow their own rituals with devotion that entice anyone reaching there. The sherpa people living in the everest region are so loyal, helpful and friendly that their humble behavior and hospitality might remind us more on humanity.


♦ Exploration

The mountain regions keep the hidden secrets from the past. For many years the remains are as it is and that helps to the curious minds to understand things. The flora and fauna found there are exotic and rare in nature. During the Annapurna Base Camp Trek, one can experience large biodiversity along the route that might satisfy the inquisitive heads nature lovers.

♦ Reward

The main thing one can receive from the Himalaya is the realization, the realization of what we get directly or indirectly during the trek. The observations, experience, hard work, interactions and solitude, all these lead us to a different realization of the world. This may bring a change in self about what is out there and what it is to be a child of this Earth. Sometime the realizations are sudden and those might be greater than what we tried to get in our whole lives.

The trekking to the Himalayas is not only for few reasons, it might worth even bigger than we ever thought. So, if you ever get a chance to explore the Himalayas, be ready for what you might get.