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Top 3 fitness trackers with Heart Monitor for Less Than $150

fitness trackers with Heart Monitor

Fitness wearables with heart rate detectors are turning out to be popular and moreover as the mechanics on these gadgets mature, it is establishing into an indispensable means to support and help you remain focused towards your overall health targets. Also these trackers are light in weight and can be strapped on quite comfortably, as a result a lot of exercisers enjoy wearing these activity wearables on as it is so manageable and helpful to operate on 7 days a week basis, and besides, it enables tracking of the heart rate as simple as ABC without fail. All that is required from you is pushing aspects of the device or on the face of the device using your fingers, which the individual’s heart rate and stats are then presented on the LED screen and in turn steer you to train within your fitness level.

Before you get a heart rate Wristband, you should be clear as to what objective you require it for. The fitness watches with their individual detector will be handy for individuals who exercise at their homes, beginners to fitness or who only train now and then. However for a capable hardcore exerciser or an individual who trains faithfully, basically a person who favour heart rate zone training, it is recommended to search for fitness watches that requires a chest strap to record an individual’s heart rate as the strap provides error free readings.

For the basis of this write up and considering best part of society will be in the ‘once in while workout’ category, here are the best three fitness tracking devices with it’s own integral heart rate tracker:

1. Fitbit Charge HR

At the time of writing this is the best product from Fitbit when it comes to costing as well as accuracy. The Fitbit Charge Hr is a fitness watch that enables an individual to keep tabs of activities from the number of steps you wandered, flight of stairs taken, kilometers traveled, calories slashed, the amount of time moving, as well as automatic sleep and automatic heart rate monitoring. Although there are other cheaper options, the Charge HR has a tad more performance you need out of it, and offers the best value available.

Fitbit Charge HR

This activity tracker is a more well designed product, which comes in different size fitness bands and bright colors plus if I have forgotten to mention, includes daily and nightly heart rate and sleep tracking features.

The fitness tracker keeps track of this number continuously and every kind of stat is available to view on the screen of the device. The information can also be relayed to the Fitbit app where the smartphone user can analyse their results more effectively.

Importantly Fitbit has an active group where you can compete with friends and co workers to stay active and have fun with the competition.

2. Garmin Vivosmart HR

Need a fitness watch that can strap on the wrist for more than 5 days? One that can be used for a swim or a shower? As well do you require a fitness gizmo with the newest features, which means some kind of heart-rate recording with the smart watch alert features? Well, the Garmin Vivosmart HR comes quite close to meeting the mentioned requirements.

For sure this device is a blend of fitness tracker and smart watch, and as a fitness gadget, it has a battery life (which is replaceable) close to 12 months plus it records data of the user’s daily movements, records heart rate 24/7 and automatically monitor your shut eye patterns nightly.

As well, the Vivosmart HR is blessed with a top quality incoming caller alert signal and crucially, it has a waterproof rating of 50 meters. So if you a swimmer this is a great one to own.

3. Jawbone Up4

The Jawbone Up4 is another recommended activity tracker that takes the recording of heart rate and sleep, and as well it can customize the thermostat automatically. Also a good thing about this monitor, it can effectively be used for payments at participating stores.

This tracker is one of a long growing line of heart rate recording gadgets, which has a battery capacity up to ten days. It also possesses sensors that monitors the heart-rate, breathing process and sweat levels daily.

Notable features, Jawbone UP4 automatically records your sleep and particularly measure the Deep, Light and REM patterns and will recommend ways to direct you to a solid night’s deep sleep. Why not, a good nights sleep is a real blessing for your mind and health!

There are drawbacks when it comes to wrist heart rate monitors. The argument of the accuracy of wrist styled fitness watches comes up when it is employed for HIIT and quick movements such as sprinting. For sure, if you need a deeper study of your workout with superior accurate recording a chest strap heart-rate monitor is the best option.

But if you are one who works out casually, or a newbie to training, and not interested in competitive training, a wrist styled heart rate device such as any of the three recommended trackers are good enough to use now. Also the fitness trackers are more comfortable to wear round the hand and convenient to use for tracking your heart and other stuff.

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