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Living a Full Life after HIV Diagnosis

A lot of myths and information have always made a HIV diagnosis sound like a death sentence. However, those who stay healthy even after diagnosis live long and happy lives. The average HIV-positive person who is well informed and lives a healthy lifestyle can live up to 80 years, which is almost at par with the present generation. There are a couple of things you can do to live a long and healthy life even after being diagnosed with HIV.

HIV Treatment

Currently, there is no cure for HIV. However, there are treatment regimens that help control the viral load in the body preventing further damage to the immune system. Previous guidelines indicated that HIV treatment should begin when the CD4 count falls below a certain level. Today, it is recommended that HIV treatment should begin as soon as possible after accurate diagnosis. HIV treatment not only keeps the virus under control but also maintains a strong immune system, only if taken every day as recommended by the doctor. Once you start on a drug, it is advisable to use it consistently. If you experience persistent side effects, then you can change to another drug.

Good Nutrition

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It is crucial to keep the body well nourished and energized to keep it at its healthiest state and strong enough to fight the virus. Good nutrition is just as important as taking medication when you have been diagnosed with HIV. Be sure to consume three square meals everyday with healthy servings of fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of micronutrients and minerals required by the body. You can get the help of a registered intuitionist for more information on healthy and nutritious meal choices.

Physical Fitness

Being active helps you build muscle, keep your bones strong and burn fat. With HIV, you may experience loss in muscle mass and strength. Exercising will help maintain strong muscle as well as build your appetite so you continue consuming regular meals. Maintaining an active lifestyle from everyday activities like dancing, walking to work, cycling or gardening can also help you stay healthy as well as enrich your life with fun experiences.

Spiritual wellness

A lot of physicians will agree that spiritual does help people cope with health problems. Whether you are a Christian, Islam, Buddhist or even atheist, you should find something that grounds you, helps you build a social circle and makes you feel more positive.



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