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How to Set up a Street Food Van?

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Modern street food vans are a common sight in the UK. These vans are getting increasingly popular around the world due to the rise of street food. To highlight the street food revolution and pros and cons of setting up a street food business, Van Monster has created an informative infographic.

According to the infographic, The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States, estimates that 2.5 billion people eat street food around the world every day. In the UK, over 7,000 street food vans are serving at markets and festivals. For people who want to venture into the street food business, has some advice.

The pros of running this business include relatively low startup cost, chance to cook and enjoy your work and choosing your own working hours etc. On the other hand, there are some disadvantages which encompass low initial profits, tough laws against trading zones, unguaranteed work and so on.

For those who decided to run the street food business, the infographic further explains how to set up a van. It doesn’t matter if you have a Mercedes Van or any other mobile van, you can convert it to the street food van by taking care of a few aspects. Converting a used van might cost you around £ 15,000. Once, you take care of all the aspects, you need to decide what food people love in your area.

To know more about setting up a street food business, check the full infographic.

how to set up a street food business