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How to Protect Your Data in a Remote Working Environment

Does your small business rely on a virtual workforce? Whether it is staffers who clock in from homes occasionally, or employees scattered across the state, remote work is a rising trend. The polling agency Gallup recently conducted a survey of more than 15,000 adults about work-from-home opportunities and discovered that

Comparing Structured and Unstructured Data

In today’s data-centric world, it is necessary to understand what the difference between structured and unstructured data is and what that means to us. So, let’s first start out with highlighting what structured data and unstructured data are. Generally, structured data resides in relational databases (RDBMS). Length-delineated data such as phone

Predictive, Descriptive and Prescriptive Big Data Analytics

Data is generated everywhere, all the time around us. Every second, there are 40,000 searches on google which totals to 3.5 million searches every day and 1.2 trillion searches every year. Now that is, an amount worth thinking about. But what is done with such humungous amounts of data? Herein

A Beginner’s Guide to Big Data And Its Benefits

beginners guide to big data

There was a time when Big Data was just a buzzword that people in high-tech industries tossed around. Those days are officially long gone. Big Data is now an integral part of every industry and every digital platform. From big corporations to individuals doing personal research, Big Data analytics platforms can be

Advantages of pocket wifi

The newest improvements in internet technology today may be the pocket Wi-Fi. Much like your family modem in your own home, it connects to the web easily, however the only difference is that it is small, portable device that you could slip within your pocket anytime. Additionally, it needs a