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Living a Full Life after HIV Diagnosis

A lot of myths and information have always made a HIV diagnosis sound like a death sentence. However, those who stay healthy even after diagnosis live long and happy lives. The average HIV-positive person who is well informed and lives a healthy lifestyle can live up to 80 years, which

Top 3 fitness trackers with Heart Monitor for Less Than $150

fitness trackers with Heart Monitor

Fitness wearables with heart rate detectors are turning out to be popular and moreover as the mechanics on these gadgets mature, it is establishing into an indispensable means to support and help you remain focused towards your overall health targets. Also these trackers are light in weight and can be

Keeping healthy at work

Working 9-to-5 day-in day-out can take a toll on your happiness and your health, and there’s perhaps nothing more damaging to a business’ success than a workforce that isn’t in the best shape to perform. Being healthy and happy at work isn’t impossible though, and there’s lots of things you can