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How to Protect Your Data in a Remote Working Environment

Does your small business rely on a virtual workforce? Whether it is staffers who clock in from homes occasionally, or employees scattered across the state, remote work is a rising trend. The polling agency Gallup recently conducted a survey of more than 15,000 adults about work-from-home opportunities and discovered that

6 Tips For Using LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool

LinkedIn Marketing Tips

If you still think LinkedIn is just a job board, you’d better get with the program. In recent years, this business-oriented social media platform has become the domain of B2B operators building a strong brand presence and utilising the platform as an effective sales funnel in order to generate, nurture and

5 Modern Business Services for Growing Your Business

As you get going with your new business, you will no doubt hit some roadblocks. Startups aren’t easy - if they were, everyone would have one. There is a lot of work that, if done in a smart way, can set you off in the right direction instantly. From online

How To Gain New Customers & Keep The Ones You Already Have

Among the biggest challenges small businesses face is the ability to gain new customers and retain those you already have. Your rivals are busy creating new ways to attract new customers (including yours). Don’t let them steal your customer’s focus. Instead, employ these unique strategies to keep your customer’s engaged

Six Reasons Why You Should Consider Investing in Real Estate

These are precarious times for investments, as the world and many of its inhabitants seem to be at war with each other. This always makes the idea of investing in anything all the more daunting. But as we know, putting cash under your mattress isn’t going to accomplish anything. If

Quick Ways to Pay off Your Student Loans

In today's challenging professional economy, going to college and receiving a degree is practically a necessity for success. Unfortunately, the cost of college is continuing to go up dramatically each year. This requires more and more students to take out loan to finance the costs of college and room and

Comparing Structured and Unstructured Data

In today’s data-centric world, it is necessary to understand what the difference between structured and unstructured data is and what that means to us. So, let’s first start out with highlighting what structured data and unstructured data are. Generally, structured data resides in relational databases (RDBMS). Length-delineated data such as phone