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Predictive, Descriptive and Prescriptive Big Data Analytics

Data is generated everywhere, all the time around us. Every second, there are 40,000 searches on google which totals to 3.5 million searches every day and 1.2 trillion searches every year. Now that is, an amount worth thinking about. But what is done with such humungous amounts of data? Herein

7 Reasons Why Your Startup Must Be Multicultural

startup 101

Diversity and multiculturalism are essential traits for all startup businesses – or at least for those who want to be successful. There are so many benefits to having a multicultural workforce; below we review seven solid reasons for why your startup must embrace multiculturalism: If you only hire from a

Living a Full Life after HIV Diagnosis

A lot of myths and information have always made a HIV diagnosis sound like a death sentence. However, those who stay healthy even after diagnosis live long and happy lives. The average HIV-positive person who is well informed and lives a healthy lifestyle can live up to 80 years, which

Most Interesting Golf Courses Around the World

Golf is one of those games you can enjoy when you are on holiday or when you are trying to seal a deal with a business partner. One of the main benefits of this sport is the fact it has a rather slow pace: it can take 5 hours to

The Beginner’s Guide to Listed Investment Companies (LICs)

Guide to listed investment companies

Many investors are keen on becoming involved with a single position that can offer a wide range of underlying assets. In the majority of cases, managed funds tend to be the first option. It should nonetheless be observed that there is an alternative known as a Listed Investment Company (LIC).

How to Choose an Ideal Accounting Software for Your Business?

choosing Accounting software for business

It was in the past that maintaining "the books" for a company was actually a paper-based practice that involved a ledger, plenty of columns, along with a pencil to document business' crucial finance-related data. In today’s electronic age,nevertheless, even the small—scale companies or the startups may benefit from an array

Keeping healthy at work

Working 9-to-5 day-in day-out can take a toll on your happiness and your health, and there’s perhaps nothing more damaging to a business’ success than a workforce that isn’t in the best shape to perform. Being healthy and happy at work isn’t impossible though, and there’s lots of things you can